Your Guide to Omnichannel Marketing in 2020

omnichannel marketing 2020

New year, new decade. With that comes the need to create and implement a new marketing strategy to set yourself up for success in 2020. 

From email and SMS to lead generation and blogging, here’s how to be really good at omnichannel marketing in 2020. 

Your Guide to Omnichannel Marketing in 2020

Whether you need inspiration or hacks, here’s how to develop a digital, future-proof omnichannel marketing plan in 2020. 

Drive Conversions From Your Blog 

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You’ve invested time and money into setting up your blog, writing content, and putting it all together, but is it driving in results and delivering revenue? With a little time and effort, you can generate leads and monetize your blog. Here are six practical tips to implement into your marketing strategy. 

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Build a Strong Sales Team

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There are endless strategies for building and managing a sales team. One key tactic is to train them on a few strategies and measure what works, and what doesn’t, over time. Then you can fine-tune your efforts based on what’s actually driving sales and growth. Follow these five tips to help you build and manage a successful sales team, and crush your 2020 sales goals.

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Develop Strong Customer Support

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As a growing company, you probably engage with different customer service approaches that are unscalable: live chat, email, social media, phone. These are all great ways to communicate with people; however, today’s customers are asking for 24/7 support. To get there, you may need to rethink your customer service strategy. From social media to chatbots, here are six tricks to up your customer support in 2020. 

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Boost Your Email Marketing 

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Email is an effective marketing strategy to gain more customers. Best of all, the work you’re already doing with your Messenger bot and SMS strategy can integrate seamlessly with your email marketing. It helps you build relationships with leads and customers, which will ultimately lead to more sales. If you’re feeling stuck in a creative funk, try one or all seven of these email marketing examples that can spark new ideas.

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Level Up Your SMS Marketing

SMS marketing is already a big deal, but in 2020 it’s going to be even bigger. Here are five SMS marketing examples from worldwide corporations and local businesses alike to inspire your jump into the world of SMS marketing. 

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Leverage Facebook Messenger 

Facebook Messenger Policy Change 2020

Messenger is a big channel to communicate with your current and prospective audiences. However, there are certain guidelines to follow in order to leverage the magic of Facebook Messenger. Here’s the low-down on the Facebook Messenger policy changes for 2020 and how you can take the reins using this channel to scale your business.

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Use Chat Marketing 

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With any strategy, you want to be clear on three things: where you are now, where you want to go, and what you need to do to get there. Follow this step-by-step process to build a Chat Marketing strategy that works for both new and veteran marketers that will help you discover how to use the right channels at the right time to communicate with your audience. 

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Make Your Own Value Proposition

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The vast majority of innovation lies in solving one specific pain your buyers have, but many companies fail to fix it. Here is an overview of what a value proposition is, examples of successful ones, and how you can make or improve on your own so that customers come pouring into your business.

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Write Your Marketing Plan 

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Your business needs a marketing plan because, without a defined strategy, your marketing efforts aren’t going to accomplish much. The process of creating a marketing plan helps you understand your target audience, learn how to position your brand as better than its competitors, and set measurable goals that you can work toward. 

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Generate Leads With the Right Tools

B2B Lead Generation Tools

B2B lead-generation tools are loved by many for their ability to get high-quality leads and turn them into sales. Here are the best ones to help you start meaningful conversations, close deals, and generate revenue so you too can become a successful B2B marketer.

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Find the Right Technologies 

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Trying to stay successful and one step ahead of the competition is a challenge for small-business owners all over the place. The key is harnessing technologies to solve the hurdles your company may face. 

Leverage these planning tactics when putting together your 2020 marketing strategy for ultimate omnichannel success.

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