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How to Navigate Through Manychat 15 lessons

How to Use SMS with Manychat 8 lessons

How to Navigate Manychat Account Administration 14 lessons

Understanding Facebook's 24-Hour Rule and Re-engagement Rules 9 lessons

How to Use Instagram Automation by Manychat 13 lessons

Instagram DM Automation: Beyond the Basics 16 lessons

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Who's this video course for?

Marketers of all kinds agree that having the world’s leading Chat Marketing platform at their fingertips gives them a competitive edge.

Marketing Professionals

Consultants that “know Chat” are in increasingly high demand. Become one of them by cultivating a better understanding of how to build effective and engaging chatbots.

Marketing Agencies

Deliver results to your clients. Offer a unique service that your competitors don’t. Chat Marketing is more than a tactic, it could be your digital agency’s secret weapon.

Business Owners

More than 1.3 billion people are actively using Facebook Messenger. With an effective Messenger strategy, they could become your customers.


Email vs. Messenger. Live Chat vs.SMS. An effective eCommerce isn’t about choosing a single tactic, it’s about creating an integrated Chat Marketing campaign that leverages them all.

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Who is this video course for?

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