Text with Customers, Close More Sales

85% of customers prefer to receive a text message over a call or email. Reach your customers where they want to chat.

Reach everyone, instantly

Send sales, coupons, and content to contacts

90% of text messages are read within 3 minutes, making SMS the best medium for any time-sensitive messaging. Text marketing CTRs run as high as 30%.

Omnichannel made easy

Connect & Combine SMS with Facebook Messenger and Email

Seamlessly keep the conversation going across mediums. Acquire new contacts at a low cost on Facebook, then consistently engage via SMS. Or use a text message to bring customers back to Messenger and continue chatting with them for free.

Personalize every conversation

Send 1-to-1 messages to customers

Segment and send updates, appointment reminders, customized content, special offers, and more. Choose an audience based on their interactions with your brand.

Experiences that feel Human

Have a 2-way text conversation

Build automated, personal texting journeys in Flow Builder. Have a real person take over at any time with Live Chat.

Never stop listening

Collect Reviews and Feedback

Let customers share their opinion in a single character or send them to a rich survey experience. Remind them to share on review platforms shortly after sale.

Nurture your customers

Create awesome SMS Drip Campaigns

From 7-day challenges to monthly newsletters, use SMS to nurture your customers toward conversion.

Help your customers to buy

Collect phone numbers from your site

Let your customers easily share their phone numbers with you when they visit your eCommerce store so you can send text order updates or abandoned cart reminders. Connect your Shopify store with Manychat for a seamless and integrated experience.

Tell a richer story

Get Creative with Multimedia Messaging

Share photos to show off your product gallery, send coupon QR codes to drive sales or just stay connected during special moments like birthdays and anniversaries with funny gifs.

Available Around the World

Manychat is available in 3 countries and adding more all the time. If you don't see your flag, please use one of our verified apps!

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