Email Marketing Examples for 2020

email marketing examples

We’re in the final countdown to 2020, and if you haven’t done so already, it’s time to get your email marketing strategy for next year in place. 

Email marketing should be a huge part of your overall marketing strategy. Email is an effective marketing strategy to gain more customers. Best of all, the work you’re already doing with your Messenger bot and SMS strategy can integrate seamlessly with your email marketing. It helps you build relationships with leads and customers, which will ultimately lead to more sales.

If you’re in need of some email design inspiration, here are seven email marketing examples that can spark your creativity.

Health Warriors

Email Marketing Example for Seasonal Sale from Health Warrior

The Health Warrior outreach above is a great sales email marketing example. First up, the company created a sense of urgency around its sale, from the subject line (“Last call”) to the body copy and the highly visible CTA button. This is also a seasonal email, based around a sitewide autumn sale; the company played with colors and copy (“So many tasty treats to fall for.”) to create an email that just feels like fall. In 2020, plan to create compelling seasonal sales emails by thinking out-of-the-box with email design. 


Good example of email marketing. 40% off art prints from Society 6.

Color is hugely important in email. Different colors evoke different emotions — blue is calming, red is exciting, yellow tends to make people happy — so don’t be afraid to play with color in your email marketing next year. Here, Society6 created an email design full of beautiful pastel colors to advertise a sale on its website. You can design similar unique emails by thinking about your branding and about what emotions you want a certain email to evoke, and then choosing a color scheme from there.

Hint Water

Email Marketing Example from Hint

Hint Water makes a big impact by keeping things simple in this email marketing example above. This recent email had just one primary graphic, but it included all the need-to-know details (discount, price, code, CTA) without any extraneous information. Following a less-is-more mentality when it comes to your email marketing is a good idea — attention spans are getting shorter, and you only have a few seconds to grab your reader’s attention. So by creating an email that’s simple and direct, you have a better chance of getting your point across.

Panera Bread

Creative email subject line on marketing email form Panera Bread

As you write copy for your marketing emails, make sure each email feels personal. Panera Bread demonstrates a personal feel to their subscribers saying, “You always have a comforting choice,” and adding, “We’ve got a bowl just for you.” Using copy such as “We’ve got a bowl for you” says this is specifically for you and makes the customer feel it’s only for them. Often, sales emails can come across as impersonal and detached, so you can stand out in the inbox by making imagery and copy more personal.  Bombas

Email Marketing Example from Bombas

Your CTA, or call to action button, is an extremely important part of your email. An effective CTA is highly visible with a creative copy that urges the reader to click. Bombas didn’t skimp on the CTA’s in a recent email: This message advertising new sock colors has a total of 14 CTA’s, with each button highly personalized to allow readers to shop a certain sock type and color. While one CTA button is enough if it’s well-done, using multiple CTA’s can help make sure your readers don’t leave without clicking through.


20% off promotional email from Petco

If you’re an eCommerce brand, this email from Petco displays email marketing best practices. The email begins with a header where you can shop the store’s most popular categories and shop a 20 percent off sale, right upfront. The email moves on to break products down into subcategories where readers can shop whatever is relevant for them. For e-commerce brands, category emails are a must-have: This type of email generates more sales because it makes it easy for people to shop.


SaaS Email Marketing Example from Social Media Scheduling tool Later.

Social media scheduling tool Later provide original content for its subscribers. Not every email you send needs to explicitly ask for sales; instead, sending content such as blog posts and videos can help position you as an expert and offer something valuable to your readers. In this case, Later sent a video on creating an IGTV strategy — a topic that’s relevant to the company’s target audience — and added some company news about a new feature at the end of the email. You could also simply send out your new blog post each week in between sending sales emails promoting products.

Email Marketing in 2020

Still, need more email marketing inspiration? Scroll through your inbox and make notes on what emails entice you to read them, and which ones don’t.

By paying attention to email marketing trends and analyzing what works, you can feel equipped to enter the new year with an email marketing calendar that will get you more leads and ultimately more conversions. 

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