The ManyFesto

Our mission is to help businesses grow by building meaningful relationships with their customers

Why We Built Manychat

At Manychat, we want to help small businesses grow by simplifying "the marketing stuff" for them, and we believe that this will make the world a better place.


We believe that every entrepreneur has a unique story to offer the world, be it serving a delicious meal, teaching a skill they’ve mastered, or selling a handcrafted product online.

Business Owners Know How to Do Their Thing

But they’re not always experts at the marketing stuff: launching campaigns, acquiring leads, or optimizing funnels.

The Marketing Stuff

If you don’t do the marketing stuff right it can break your business. For small businesses, it's not a job, it’s personal. It’s their lives. It’s how they provide for themselves and their families.

We’re here to make marketing and growth easier for business owners so they grow as big as their dreams. So they have more energy and focus to hone their craft, tell their story, and build lasting relationships with their customers.

That’s why we do what we do.

Manychat by the Numbers

1M+CustomersOver one million businesses chose Manychat to grow
1B+ConversationsOver one billion conversations powered by Manychat annually
190+CountriesBusinesses send messages via Manychat in over 190 countries
#1Customer Conversation PlatformManychat is the #1 Customer Conversation Platform

Our Team

We're a fun loving team of artists, engineers, and everything in between.

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