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Please note: Access to some features will be restricted once 1000 contacts is reached with a Free account. Free accounts may not delete or unsubscribe any contacts from their audience.

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Grow your business with access to all advanced Pro features, starting at a cost of:
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Free Plan — $0

Pro — from $15

Premium — Custom

Channel Access:
  • Instagram Direct Messages
  • Facebook Messenger
Channel Access:
  • Instagram Direct Messages
  • Facebook Messenger
  • SMS Text Messaging
  • Email
Channel Access:
  • Instagram Direct Messages
  • Facebook Messenger
  • SMS Text Messaging
  • Email
Key features:
  • Automate conversations. Unlimited custom flows to engage up to 1,000 contacts  
    Contacts are customers that have interacted with your bot through any of the channels. Contacts may not be deleted or unsubscribed on the Free plan.
  • Acquire new customers. Access basic Growth Tools to drive leads to your automation
  • Segment your contacts. 10 customer Tags
Everything in Free, plus:
  • Engage unlimited contacts. Scaled pricing based on contacts
  • Expand customer reach. Unlimited Growth Tools and Keywords
  • Build advanced campaigns. Unlimited Tags, Custom Fields, & advanced Segments
  • Optimize performance. Manychat Analytics & Insights tools
  • Save time. Integrations with tools you already use
  • Make it your own. No Manychat branding
  • Email support, anytime
Everything in Pro, plus:
  • White glove 1:1 product onboarding and premium live chat support from our experts to guide you along the way
  • Unlimited trainings with a Customer Success Manager
  • Priority access to Manychat automation experts
  • No price scaling with number of contacts growth
  • 24/7 Ticket Support
  • Live Chat Technical Support*
  • *Live chat support is available
    M-F, 3AM EST to 7PM EST

Smarter automations. Better conversations

Brand new AI features are now available in Pro and Premium plans. Manychat AI presents:

Intention Recognition

Intention Recognition

By automatically recognizing intent of a message, it offers relevant and more accurate responses as compared to using Keywords.

AI Step

AI Step

AI Steps in automations are scripted sets of AI-driven questions and responses for common cases like qualifying leads or sharing offers.

Text Improver

Text Improver

Improve Copy on any message you’ve written across your automations by letting Manychat AI offer text improvements.

Flow Builder Assistant

Flow Builder Assistant

Receive comprehensive, unlimited assistance in creating powerful, automations for your needs.

Calculate the Cost and Billing of Your Monthly Plan

Pro plans are billed monthly according to the size of your contact list
up to 500 contacts
How many contacts do you expect to engage?

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Build custom chatbot flows  
A Flow contains the messages, actions, and transitions that make up an automated conversation for your bot.
Segment your contacts with customer Tags  
Use Tags to mark, organize, and segment your contacts
10 TagsUnlimitedUnlimited
Run automated drip Sequences2 SequencesUnlimitedUnlimited
Team member seats for collaboration  
Team members include owners, admins, live chat agents, editors, and viewers.
1 Team Member3 Team MembersUnlimited
Create custom Keyword triggers3 KeywordsUnlimitedUnlimited
Live Chat for Messenger, Instagram DM, and SMS  
Live Chat agents can pause automation and jump into a live customer conversation when needed.
Access quick campaign template by industry+++
One tap contact data collection  
Ask customers for information about them and collect valuable contact data in one tap, to build your customer database easily.
Optimize efficiency with A/B testing+++
Manychat branding on Email, SMS, and website widgets“Powered by Manychat”No BrandingNo Branding
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