Create Your Bot In 2 Minutes

ManyChat lets you to create a Facebook bot in 2 minutes without coding. We give you an easy visual interface, so you don’t have to worry about the technical details.

Broadcast Messages to Thousands of Subscribers

Every time someone starts chatting with your page on Facebook – they become a subscriber.

ManyChat let’s you broadcast messages to all your subscribers at once. You can use this to send news, content updates, valuable notifications or anything else, that your users subscribed to.

Unlike News Feed – there is no algorithm. Your subscribers are forever yours.

Schedule Messages,
Sit Back and Relax

No time to do daily broadcasts? Set up scheduled messages in advance and ManyChat will take care of sending your content at the right time.

Autoposting From RSS, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube

Our Autoposting feature allows you to automatically post feeds from other sources to your Facebook bot.

For example, you can connect the RSS feed of your blog to ManyChat and we’ll do a messenger broadcast every time you post something new.

Text, Pictures, Links and More

ManyChat was designed to work perfectly with Facebook Messenger. This is why we support all types of messages: text, pictures, links, messages with buttons or even horizontal galleries.

These tools are everything you need to create engaging experiences for your audience.

Welcome Your Users. Automatically

Set up a beautiful welcome message that greets every new subscriber. This message can contain pictures, sliders and menu options – a perfect way to engage your new user.

Automate Replies to Keywords

Make your bot more functional with keyword replies. It’s easy: just set up a keyword and define a reply.

You can use this to create keyword menus, content catalogs and even text-based games. The only limit is your imagination.

Engage Deeper With
Interactive Messages

You can add buttons to the messages that you broadcast to engage your subscribers even more. These buttons can trigger other content or direct the user to your website, blog post, YouTube video or any other link.