Instagram DM Automation: Beyond the Basics

Instagram DM Automation: Beyond the Basics Intro

We know Instagram is a powerful platform reaching over 1 billion monthly active users. The power of Instagram DM Automation can help you optimize your Instagram growth while connecting with your followers, instantly.

In Instagram DM Automation: Beyond the Basics, we’ll take it a step further to help you learn shortcuts, tricks, and a few advanced features to help you maximize your Manychat usage.

In this course, you’ll learn how to: 

  • Organize flows and folders with ease
  • Make a multi-language automated chat conversation
  • Build a lead qualify funnel
  • Create a giveaway flow
  • And more!

Manychat Course Expert: Mackensie Liberman, Owner of Orca Marketing & Trilce Jirón Garro, founder of TBS Marketing in Costa Rica

About Mackensie

Mackensie Liberman is one of the top Chat Marketing experts, working with many industries, including brick-and-mortar stores, influencers, coaches, and multi-million dollar eCommerce businesses. She has been featured on the Perpetual Traffic podcast and has spoken at Digital Marketer’s WarRoom Mastermind and the Business of Bots Conference.

About Trilce

Trilce Jirón Garro, founder of TBS Marketing in Costa Rica, designed Interdepartmental Marketing. By providing communication channels that include both the client’s staff and top-tier managers, and uniting graphic design, marketing, sales, and customer support under one umbrella, she can brag about her company’s unbelievable results and 100% retention rate.

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