[Case Study] How Nikmit Used ManyChat to Surface New Products and Drive $24,200 in Additional Sales

Nikmit Case Study


Nikmit is an eCommerce marketplace in Macedonia which provides online retail shopping services for consumers. Nikmit has a growing catalogue of product lines including apparel, personal-care items, consumer electronics supplies, kitchen items, and home decor items. 

The company relied on Facebook ads with a traffic objective and boosted organic posts to generate interest and surface new products. But they weren’t getting the return they hoped for.  

Nikmit teamed up with Goran Nikolov, Account Manager and Client Strategist at Roccad, to increase brand awareness and drive new sales for the retailer’s winter product lines. By running click-to-Messenger ads for different product lines, building a subscriber list, and retargeting using sponsored messages, the company generated $24,200 in additional revenue for the marketplace, with 20X return on ad spend (ROAS).


Case study results

The Problem

Nikmit’s Facebook ad strategy focused on boosting organic posts and running Facebook traffic ads to build product awareness but wasn’t getting the results they hoped for. The company had to get in front of the right audiences, and start conversations with them to help boost awareness and sales.

Their goal

Nikmit wanted to better surface product lines and build relationships with new audiences through Chat Marketing


  • Targeted Facebook JSON ads to build subscriber lists: Goran ran Facebook ads to men and women over the age of 45. Since they ran ads for multiple product lines, Goran targeted based on demographics and interests related to the advertised product. 
  • ManyChat Keywords to automate conversations: Once a potential customer clicked through to the ad, they were given different quick reply options. When a reply was chosen, the shopper would enter a different nurture campaign based on their reply. 
  • Retargeting with sponsored messages: Goran used sponsored messages to re-engage subscribers with a clearance offer on all winter products. Shoppers were sent to a landing page to browse the entire collection, then back into Messenger to complete payment.
  • In-app Messenger payments: In Macedonia, people prefer to pay through Messenger and digital wallets versus a website. Goran capitalized on this preference by allowing people to complete their purchase in the chat window. 

Building a subscriber list using JSON ads

Goran ran a lead nurture campaign to help the eCommerce retailer kick off a winter clearance sale in their store. The campaign began with surfacing the right products, to the right audiences through ad targeting and growing the subscriber list for further communication. 

“We rarely run offers when building a subscriber list for clients,” Goran tells us, “for Nikmit, we wanted to see what products they were interested in, get them to subscribe, then nurture the relationship with sequences. We run offers after building a relationship through retargeting ads and sponsored messages,” he explains. 

Goran tested a variety of ManyChat Growth Tools, but found what worked best were JSON ads. The ad was set up with a Send Message objective and a “Learn More” call-to-action. 

Example ad used for Facebook advertising campaign

Once a potential customer clicked on the ad, they were sent into a Messenger conversation and added into a follow-up sequence to nurture a lead until conversion.

“The automated sequence was extremely non-promotional,” Goran explains, “we sent a mix of helpful content related to the product and helped answer any questions they had about the product in question.” Nikmit’s sales team leveraged ManyChat’s Live Chat and Nikmits live sales reps to respond to interested buyers questions in real-time and help encourage the sale. 

Keywords play a big part in helping the company automated much of the lead nurturing process. “We set up quick replies for when someone entered the Messenger conversation from the ad,” Goran tells us, “this allowed us to send them down a certain flow based on what information they were looking for or needed. It was more convenient for both the company and the shopper because shoppers could achieve their goals, faster.”

Using retargeting and sponsored messages to drive sales

Since the eCommerce store was running promotions for different types of products, Goran set up retargeting ads that would show interested customers products based on their behaviors in the original JSON ad. If a shopper didn’t buy a product right away, they would be shown similar products in their Facebook news feed. 

As the slow season came around for Nikmit, Goran sent sponsored messages to the company Messenger contact list with a clearance sales promotion.

Sponsored Message used for follow up

When potential shoppers clicked the message CTA, they were sent to a landing page where they could view all the products on clearance. Once they chose a product, they were sent back into Messenger to complete the purchase. 


Goran and his team at Roccad successfully surfaced products and drove new sales for the eCommerce retailer. By building a subscriber list with ManyChat JSON ads, and retargeting potential shoppers with sponsored messages, the company achieved:

  • $24,200 in additional revenue 
  • 20X return on ad spend
  • $.90 per opened sponsored message

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