what is chat marketing?

What Is Chat Marketing? [Infographic]

It’s an innovative approach to customer acquisition and keeps customers engaged, retained, and turns them into brand fans: Chat Marketing. 

Chat Marketing is a quick way to build relationships and move customers through marketing and sales funnel, going beyond conversing through messaging apps like Messenger. It looks at the entire customer lifecycle, seeing where and how meaningful interactions can be created to drive more committed customers from acquisition to retention using multiple channels to communicate. 

It encompasses all aspects of a business; and informs everyone from lead generation to content marketing, sales, and customer success teams.

Chat Marketing breaks down the barriers between a business and it’s customers. And in return, it allows both parties to have more relevant, personalized interactions on a medium that people are comfortable chatting on: Messenger, SMS, or Email

Whether you run an agency or e-commerce store, discover Chat Marketing and why it’s an innovative approach to scale your business. 

what is chat marketing infographic

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