Ecwid Integrations: How to Use ManyChat for Your Instant Site

Ecwid Integration and ManyChat

Showcasing your products on an Ecwid website isn’t always enough to drive sales for your business. 

To create a profitable online store, you need to address two core elements: marketing automation and customer support. With an eCommerce platform like ManyChat, you can take some repetitive tasks off your plate while keeping your customers engaged.

By creating omnichannel campaigns and targeting relevant messages with care, you can use automation to make more sales and grow your Ecwid store online. Here’s how you can use ManyChat today to get started. 

Why use ManyChat and Ecwid integration?

Ecwid online store owners gain a few key advantages when connecting their Instant Site with ManyChat: 

  • Convert store visitors into subscribers. Use mobile-friendly Growth Tools in your store to grow your subscriber lists. Adjust the design, timing, and placement, then publish it to your online shop with one click. 
  • Send targeted omnichannel campaigns to customers. When you use ManyChat’s Flow Builder, you can engage your audience through SMS, Messenger, and email like a pro. Automatically send post-purchase follow-ups, collect product feedback, offer discounts, and drive sales. 
  • Reach higher-value customers with your Facebook ads. Make the most of your data to create targeted Facebook and Instagram ads that increase sales and customer reach. Track ROI and engagement inside ManyChat to see which ads and flows make you more money. 
  • Use personalized marketing to sell more. Get access to powerful workflow automation tools that help increase revenue and recover lost sales. Create personalized recommendations based on purchase history and behaviors, and send the right message, at the right moment. 
  • Chat with visitors and customers in real-time. Use ManyChat’s Live Chat to connect with site visitors in real-time to convert leads and make sales. With ManyChat’s mobile app (available in the App Store and Google Play), you can chat from your phone to connect with leads and build closer ties with your customers. 

Want to integrate your Ecwid Instant site with ManyChat today? Learn how in the following set up. 

How to integrate your Ecwid account to ManyChat

Connecting your Ecwid store to ManyChat takes four simple steps:

  1. Create a Growth Tool in ManyChat
  2. Authorize your website domain in ManyChat account
  3. Add Java Snippet to Ecwid store
  4. Activate Growth Tool

1. Create a Growth Tool in ManyChat

First, sign in to your ManyChat account (or create one if you haven’t yet already). 

In your dashboard, click the Flows tab. Then click the + New Flow button in the upper right-hand corner. 

Creating a new flow in ManyChat for Ecwid

Name your flow. 

Naming your flow

After naming your flow, you’ll end up in Flow Builder. Click Add Trigger. 

Adding a Trigger

Select a Widget from the menu. For this example, let’s choose Customer Chat.

Choosing customer Chat widget for ManyChat and Ecwid integration

Once the Customer Chat settings load, create your Greeting Text and Follow up message. Then click Install JavaScript Snippet. 

Building out the flow

2. Authorize your website and copy JavaScript code

Add your domain name to the authorize website list. 

Authorizing website in ManyChat

Copy the code under the Install ManyChat Snippet tab.

Setting up website

3. Add JavaScript snippet to Ecwid store

In your Ecwid dashboard, select Sales Channels in the left navigation bar and click Overview. 

Then scroll down to Header meta tags and site verification. Add the JavaScript code for your widget in the box.

4. Activate Growth Tool

Once you add the script, go back to your ManyChat account. Publish the Growth Tool you’ve built and toggled the Disabled switch to Activated in the bottom left-hand corner. 

Activating Customer Chat

Now your Growth Tool is Live!

Here’s an example of what ManyChat will look like in your online store.

What ManyChat looks like in Ecwid Instant Site

Maximize sales on your Ecwid site with the ManyChat integration

Automation and customer experience are big parts of your marketing strategy. If you want to create an engaging shopping experience to delight customers and drive sales, you want to use the ManyChat and Ecwid integration.

Want to connect your Ecwid Instant Site to ManyChat account? Go Pro now.

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