How to Launch, Rank & Increase Reviews for Your Amazon Listings

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You know Chat is a force to be reckoned with. Wondering how you can use it to get more from your Amazon listings? Join Amazon Chat Marketing expert Michele Barnum Smith (a.k.a. The Queen of Amazon Chat Marketing) as she discusses techniques you can apply to your Amazon business to launch, rank, and increase your reviews. Michele believes that when it comes to Amazon visibility, chatbots can’t be beaten. She also knows good advice on the subject can be hard to find. Here’s your chance to learn how to make your Amazon listing work harder using Chat Marketing.


Reviews getting purged? Rankings in free fall? Watch the webinar and discover:

  • Michele’s one-two punch for product launch ranking campaigns

  • Four proven ranking strategies to be aware of and how to pick the right one

  • Proven methods for increasing customer reviews

  • Keyword research and strategy insights

  • Free Manychat templates you can implement in your business


  • 0:00: Welcome to Webinar Intro

  • 0:45: Let’s Welcome Michele!

  • 3:37: What We’ll Discuss Today

  • 4:22: Meet Michele Barnum Smith

  • 6:24: Why Should You Love Messenger Bots

  • 9:08: Why Should You Love Manychat

  • 12:10: Keywords on Sale!

  • 27:31: Deep Discount Coupon Campaigns

  • 45:57: Rebate Campaigns

  • 56:16: How to Use Manychat to Deliver Rebates

  • 1:09:59: How to Use Manychat with Search Find Buy

  • 1:12:46: 4 Ranking Campaign Strategies

  • 1:21:34: First Month Free Coupon

  • 1:24:44: Free Templates

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