How eCommerce Merchants Can Analyze and Maximize Revenue from Their Tech Stack

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Are you familiar with the term “tech stack”? Do you know how essential it can be to your business’s growth? If not, you’ve come to the right webinar. Derric Haynie, Chief eCommerce Technologist at Ecommerce Tech, has built a successful career connecting eCommerce merchants with the right technology solutions for their eCommerce businesses. With new apps launching every day, Derric shares insights you can use to quickly understand the tech landscape and choose the right tools for your business.


The right tools and plug-ins are out there. Derric will help you find them! Webinar insights include:

  • Understanding the tools and opportunities in the tech landscape

  • Understanding how to find and choose the right tools for your business

  • Tips for vetting and bringing in a new tool to your business

  • Focus points for starting your tool search

  • Tips for finding it faster


  • 0:00: Welcome Manychatters!

  • 4:32: Who the heck is Derric Haynie?

  • 7:20: The eCommerce landscape is consolidating

  • 17:00: Friendly reminder: shoppers are savvy!

  • 20:34: 6 ways to differentiate yourself in the market

  • 21:37: Omnichannel is the future (of marketing)

  • 24:17: User experience counts

  • 27:32: Understanding your tech stack

  • 29:53: How to choose tech tools

  • 36:40: Quick tips for vetting

  • 42:22: The Big Slide

  • 50:10: Focus points for starting out

  • 54:00: Free tech consultation offer

  • 56:54: Q&A

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