How to Use Messenger Bots to Grow Your Email List and Drive Sales

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Ready to use Messenger Marketing to optimize your email flows and boost your bottom line? This is your webinar. Presented by Steve Chou, a seven-figure eCommerce store owner and popular blogger, whose podcast is among the top 200 business shows on iTunes, this informative webinar—How to Use Facebook Messenger Bots to Grow Your Email List and Drive Sales—explores the many ways eCommerce owners are incorporating Messenger bots into their marketing strategies.


What can Facebook Messenger bots do for your business? Check out Steve’s informative webinar and discover:

  • Practical examples on how to sell with Facebook Messenger

  • Real results from successfully placed Facebook Sponsored Messenger Ads

  • Dynamic Messenger flows for e-commerce

  • How to integrate Facebook Messenger into your existing email flows

  • How to quickly grow your Facebook Messenger and email list

  • How to minimize costs while following Facebook’s rules of engagement


  • 0:00: Welcome to Webinar Intro!

  • 1:30: Let’s Welcome Steve Chou!

  • 5:45: What Are We Covering Today

  • 15:05: Minimizing Costs and Following Facebook’s Rules

  • 20:23: Growing Your Facebook Messenger Subscriber List

  • 26:27: Cross-Pollinate Your Email and Messenger Lists

  • 30:25: Put Users on Email Giveaway Flow

  • 33:38: Template Giveaway!

  • 40:38: Implement a Loyalty Program

  • 48:23: Conclusion

  • 49:16: Questions?

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