How to Create a Profitable Chat Marketing Campaign for eCommerce

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Written by Fara Rosenzweig

Do you have eCommerce clients looking to grow their online businesses? With so much of today’s business activity happening online, Natasha Takahashi, co-founder and CMO of School of Bots, walks you through different Chat Marketing campaign ideas your clients can implement to take full advantage, and that you can use to grow your business, too.


Ready to put eCommerce to work for your clients? Watch Natasha’s webinar and discover:

  • Fresh insights into the ever-changing chat ecosystem

  • How to build a ChatMarketing machine that drives sales

  • Campaign tactics that have worked for hundreds of clients

  • Keys to implementing a profitable chat campaign formula

  • How to go beyond Messenger to achieve marketing goals


  • 0:00: Welcome to Webinar Intro (“What’s up guys!”)

  • 1:17: Natasha’s Virtual Introduction

  • 3:28: What is a Chatbot?

  • 8:52: Special Facebook Announcement

  • 10:56: MSO Framework / Building a Foundation

  • 17:13: 6 Levels of Chat Marketing Strategy

  • 22:47: The Ideal Piece of Content

  • 37:15: Conversion Metrics

  • 41:08: School of Bots Offer

  • 42:40 Template Giveaway!

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