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Use code igsummit23 to claim Manychat Pro FREE for 30 days* for one account! *Valid for new accounts only

How to Find and Launch your Next Product on Amazon: Expert Roundtable

Fara Rosenzweig Avatar
Written by Fara Rosenzweig

Want to set yourself apart from the competition? Check out this roundtable discussion on the "state of the nation" of Amazon featuring industry insiders' panelists. Join Bradley Sutton and Barkus Patty from Helium 10, Michele Barnum Smith (The Queen of Amazon Chatbots), and Mikael Yan, CEO and Co-Founder of Manychat, as they discuss how to set yourself apart in a booming eCommerce space. Whether your offering is a side hustle or a new career path, these are insights you can use to tap into the Amazon space with confidence.


Proven tactics to launch, rank, automate, and sell!? We've got 'em. Check out this unique, informative webinar and discover:

  • How to seek out opportunity niches to sell on Amazon

  • How to use Manychat to implement keyword strategies

  • How to use Manychat to drive traffic to your listing

  • Sample chatbot flows that put strategy into practice

  • Tips for adhering to Amazon’s Terms and Conditions

  • How to go beyond Facebook Messenger on Manychat


  • 0:00: Welcome to the Round Table!

  • 2:07: Michele’s Intro

  • 3:22: Mike’s Intro

  • 5:50: Barkus’s Intro

  • 12:00: Keyword search insights

  • 18:50: Utilizing Manychat to get traction on keywords

  • 23:00: Mike provides Manychat primer (Facebook Messenger Integrations and more)

  • 28:35: Driving outside traffic to your listing using conversations

  • 32:17: Michele shares a sample rebate flow

  • 37:05: What not to do on Manychat

  • 39:20: New features available to Manychat users

  • 42:01: It’s all about mobile

  • 44:35: Value of diversifying eCommerce strategies

  • 56:15: Q&A

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