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How 7- & 8-Figure Amazon Experts Use Manychat

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Written by Fara Rosenzweig

Everyone wants to be the next 7- and 8- figure maker on Amazon. Troy Johnston is precisely that, a high-end Amazon earner who has helped other direct-to-consumer brands achieve their sales goals on the world’s largest retailer. Troy is the co-founder of Seller.Tools, a full-suite offering that helps sellers leverage Amazon data and take their businesses to new heights. Join Troy as he discusses how successful Amazon sellers use Manychat to drive your business.


How do Amazon’s biggest earners bridge the gap between Amazon Seller Central and Manychat? Check out Troy’s informative webinar and discover:

  • How to use Manychat to initiate Discounts Offers, BOGOs, Gamified Giveaways, Product Inserts, Makegood Automations, and other essential flows

  • Troy’s 80/20 ratio for success on Amazon using Manychat

  • Proven strategies sellers can use to gain/utilize the 100% of control they need to achieve the biggest ROI

  • Best ranking strategies for Amazon Sellers right now (Did somebody say rebating?)

  • 4 challenges sellers need to overcome to drive sales

  • Flows your business can put to use right away


  • 0:00: Webinar Intro

  • 1:25: Welcome Troy Johnston!

  • 4:06: Rebate Automation

  • 5:19: Current Amazon Sales Climate

  • 6:55: Amazon PPC Challenge (Compare/Contrast Marketplace)

  • 9:22: Why Rebating Is Top Ranking Strategy

  • 12:44: Big Challenge #1 (Using Old Rebate Methods)

  • 17:18: Big Challenge #2 (Keeping Out the Bad Actors)

  • 17:55: Big Challenge #3 (Manual Process)

  • 19:51: Big Challenge #4 (Lack of Control)

  • 26:12: New Seller.Tool Automations (Eligibility, Product Offer, Gift Cards, etc.)

  • 56:48: 14-Day Free Trial

  • 1:00:00: Questions

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