How to Create a Unique Product That You Are Passionate About & Sell Online

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Interested in creating a unique product that you're passionate about and want to sell it online? Travis Marziani, Entrepreneur and founder of Performance Nut Butter, Effective eCommerce, and BDancewear has done just that — and achieved seven-figure success. Join this successful eCommerce entrepreneur and popular blogger, as he talks about creating "passion products" and developing the strategy you need to sell them online.


Travis's Performance Nut Butter is a genuine Amazon success story. You'd be nuts to miss out on his insights. Watch the webinar and discover:

  • Successful Amazon business models

  • Insights into entrepreneurship done right

  • How to come up with your passion product

  • Tips for getting your passion product manufactured

  • Listing strategies to promote your product

  • Tips for launching your product


  • 0:00: Welcome Travis Marziani!

  • 1:32: How to sell on Amazon (i.e. Find it, List it, Launch it)

  • 2:40: Why sell on Amazon

  • 4:01: Entrepreneurship the hard way

  • 4:47: Entrepreneurship the better way

  • 6:15: Travis’s “passion” story

  • 12:57: Amazon FBA Business Models

  • 14:24 Creating your own “passion product”

  • 20:06: Criteria for success

  • 21:26: Value of product research

  • 32:06: Create “raving fans”

  • 36:03: Finding the right supplier / manufacturer

  • 40:19: Listing strategies

  • 44:53: Launch strategies

  • 48:07: Q&A

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