Fireside Chat with Shark Tank Star Daymond John!

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Looking for insights into what it takes to be successful in business? Check out this engaging, informative fireside chat with Manychat CEO and Co-Founder Mikael Yang and Daymond John. Daymond is the founder of FUBU and the star of ABC’s Shark Tank. He’s built a six-billion dollar global lifestyle brand, is an award-winning entrepreneur and was recently named No. 4 on LinkedIn’s Top Voices list. There’s no better person to talk to about entrepreneurship, eCommerce, and, of course, all-things-Shark Tank!


Daymond’s philosophy and practices have made him one of the country’s most influential entrepreneurs. Check out this informative chat and discover: 

  • How to pursue a career as an entrepreneur

  • Tips for pitching your business idea to prospective funders

  • Daymond’s three fundamentals for operational success

  • Insights into the ‘hidden value’ of customer complaints, window shoppers, and more

  • Daymond’s fresh take on email, SMS, and Facebook Messenger

  • A special announcement about


  • 0:00: Welcome everyone!

  • 1:32: Introducing Daymond John

  • 4:00: Daymond’s Path to Entrepreneurship

  • 8:18: Marketing vs. Product

  • 13:27: Daymond’s Approach to Crisis Management

  • 19:09: Key Advice for Aspiring Entrepreneurs

  • 21:03: Best Shark Tank Pitch Ever!

  • 25:33: How to Pitch Your Business

  • 28:41: Common Pitch Mistakes

  • 37:55: Daymond’s 3 Fundamentals to Success

  • 42:17: Mobile Versus Desktop

  • 51:35: “I invest in you because I like you.”

  • 55:50: Special Announcement

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