11 Creative Ways to Amplify Your Online Coaching Business

Online Coaching Business Ideas

As an online coach, you know how challenging it can be to stand out from the crowd. There’s so much content going on around these days that getting attention online can feel impossible. 

Your content may be excellent, headline catchy, but people move fast. Many online coaches need to post several times a day to stay top of mind for clients. 

Does this sound like you? If yes, you’re in the right place. There are simple, affordable ways to market your coaching business so that getting new clients is only a few steps away.

1. Offer Something for Free

People are likely to engage with your brand when they receive something for free in return. This is what we call a “lead magnet.”

Lead magnets should be available instantly and promise easy results. For example, a video with your most effective and quick coaching tips that viewers can implement immediately.

A lead magnet showcasing your expertise helps get people into your nurture sequences — and in turn, creates more long-term, high-value clients. 

And since most people can’t turn down something free, it’s one of the fastest ways to gain interest. Plus, you can speed up the cycle with a Messenger bot and put your entire funnel on autopilot.

Anyone can do it — business coaches, life coaches, spiritual coaches — and a bot can be set up in 24 minutes. 

2. Use Facebook to Make Personal Connections

When people stumble upon your Facebook page, give them the chance to connect with your brand. Personal experiences can be delivered via Messenger, and can help potential clients access information at all times. You can also use them to send thank you messages, webinar reminders, and more. 

The personal nature of messaging helps people feel valued. And this type of connection leads to higher conversion rates.

Besides, once you get set up, connecting with potential clients becomes inexpensive and labor-free.

3. Network with the Right People

One great way to amplify your coaching business is to connect with other businesses and communities in your niche. You can use Facebook groups and online communities to find like-minded professionals to talk with and share knowledge. 

Are you a wellness coach? Search for active wellness-related groups on Facebook and get involved in the conversation.

Once you’re in these groups, answer questions to show yourself as a resource. You’ll find that others will tag you in questions they know you can answer. These are where virtual word-of-mouth referrals come from. 

Staying active in Facebook groups lets you connect with businesses that you can cross-promote. And collaboration brings more business than competition.

4. Research Your Ideal Clients

Once you know who your perfect client is, you’ll want to know as much about them as possible: 

  1. Where do they hang out online? 
  2. What do they need help with?
  3. What is their typical budget?

For online coaching businesses, knowledge is power.

One way to learn more about potential clients is with a quiz. People find quizzes enticing, and they’ll readily lend information to them.

With a Messenger chatbot, potential clients can receive quizzes like these. After setup, you’ll have an ever-growing database of customer data to use.

5. Market Yourself in Niche Publications

One of the biggest marketing challenges for online coaches is convincing people you’re worth the investment. So how do you achieve that?

Marissa Russell, CEO and Head Life Coach at The High Achieving Woman says:

“It’s often easy for people to invest in vacations, clothes, and hair products, even if they have to sacrifice other pleasures just to save up for them; but when it comes to investing in their own personal development, they get cold feet. The solution to this is to market in avenues that people have to pay for, like magazines, conferences, workshops and seminars, to ensure that you are targeting people with a track record of investing in themselves.” 

Moral of the story: Look for places where people are already investing in themselves. Then strike up a conversation there.  

6. Optimize Your Website for Search

Many people who are seeking coaching services start with a Google search. You can ensure your business comes up by including the right keywords on your website.

To find the right keywords, focus on the specifics of what you do. While general keywords may get more searches, niche keywords can lead to more conversions and potential conversions. 

7. Blog, Blog, Blog

People only want coaching services from the best. One way to gain credibility is by sharing knowledge. 

Keeping a blog to show what you know is one of the easiest ways to do this. It also gives you plenty of content to share on social media. 

And good content on social is something you’ll need to stand out. Mel Jones, thinking coach and motivational speaker at The Motivational Philosopher, adds to this: 

“There is so much going on through all of the social media platforms that it is difficult to get people to pay attention to your product and services. The content can be awesome, the headline can be eye-catching, but people just don’t have the time. I have to post multiple times throughout a day to get even my repeat customers and followers to notice my brand, and it takes really awesome content in order to keep their attention.” 

8. Focus on Small Interactions

A common mistake online coaches make is trying to make a big sale right away.

People are more likely to buy from you after they feel more connected. So after you attract them with a lead magnet, make the next step just as easy-going. 

For example, if your lead magnet is an informational video, your introductory offer could be the next step. It’s low-cost, low-commitment, and can help prepare clients for the big offer. 

Many coaches are now using Messenger marketing to boost lead generation courses, upcoming events, trainings, and more. 

9. Host a Webinar

Webinars are still an effective way to educate your audience and bring in more qualified leads. As an online coach, you can use them as a way to showcase your personality, and help people decide if you’re a good fit. 

You may think webinars are dead, but they’ve simply just evolved. Allison Prince, Founder of 0-100K, uses ManyChat and marketing agency Messenger Funnels to promote webinars to promote her coaching business. 

The results? She tells Messenger Funnels:

“It took me 10 months to get to $1 million, and then after we started going heavy on Manychat with Messenger Funnels, we got to $1 million in 99 days”. 

10. Raise Your Prices

Raising your prices may seem odd if you’re trying to grow your coaching business, but it may be time. Once you have an established clientele, you can justify your value. 

As a coach, you want your clients to take your program seriously. And they will if they are paying enough to want the most out of it. When clients mentally commit to taking your advice, they see better results. When they see better results, your business thrives.

Know your competition, how you compare, and when you deserve more. Charging more for your services can lead to more time to focus on fewer quality clients. Personalization is the expectation of hiring a coach, after all.

11. Don’t Overpromise

As an online coach, you will compete with other coaches who talk a big game. The age of Instagram has plenty of people hoping to make seven figures in minutes without leaving home. And some coaches claim to have the “magic pill” for them.

Even if you have had great success with your own business, do not promise clients the world. Promoting results that are not attainable will lead to future service problems — and you don’t want to be seen as a scam. 

Clients will not hold back when it comes to reviewing a business that they feel scammed by.

Isn’t it time for a better way to grow your online coaching business?

Growing an online coaching business is no easy task. That’s why it’s important to constantly ask “what’s next?” for marketing your business.

These eleven creative ways will help you create a glowing reputation, build a pipeline of potential clients, and sell more of your coaching services. 

Sign up for a free ManyChat account and start building your online coaching bot today. 

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