How to Drive Traffic to Facebook Live with Messenger and SMS Broadcasts

Facebook Live and SMS

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Have you noticed everyone FREAKING OUT about Messenger Bot Broadcasts going away or becoming less effective?

Direct your attention to the Confirmed Event Reminder tag, a new strategy that most business owners and bot builders are missing. 

The magic really happens when you combine it with the Map to Millions, a tactic that brings in new Messenger, SMS, and email subscribers every week in addition to directing more traffic to your videos.

These changes actually provide an amazing opportunity for you to stand out in your space. 

While everyone is freaking out about limited broadcast ability, you can put this plan into action and rise to the tippy top.

Here’s how to put it into action. 

How to Drive Traffic to Facebook Live with Messenger and SMS Broadcasts

1. Make sure your Business Foundations are in check. 

  1. Know you.
  2. Know your ideal client.
  3. Know the problems your ideal client has. 
  4. Know how you can solve these problems for your ideal client.

2. Schedule a weekly Facebook Live broadcast with Be.Live.

Molly Mahoney

3. Attach a Comment Growth Tool to this video. 

growth tools response

4. Connect that Comment Growth Tool to a flow (via keyword or button) which sends a free gift. 

  • We love to give Show Notes, A Masterclass, AND a free trial of Be.Live all in one flow.
  • Notice the “Unlock & Share” button? That’s a killer strategy we learned from Kelley Noble Mirabella. Learn about it here.
manychat growth tool

5. Create a post with a Comment Growth Tool that announces your upcoming Facebook Live. 

Facebook live promotion

Comment Growth Tool

Facebook invite

6. Connect that Growth Tool to a flow (via keyword or button) that allows your community to opt-in for a Confirmed Event Reminder. When they confirm that they’d like to receive reminders, tag them so you know they want a reminder for the specific show. 

manychat starting step

7. Give them the chance to also opt-in for text message reminders. (You could also do an email opt-in here. We don’t do an email opt-in, because we are really focused on text opt-ins! But we do an email opt-in when they get the free gift. You’ll see that below.)

text message reminders

8. Send your Broadcasts! 

  • Via Bot *Make sure you are using the Confirmed Event Reminder tag! 
  • Via SMS.
  • Via Email.


broadcast messaging


SMS tips


email tips

9. Go Live. 

While you are Live, be sure to remind your community to give you the keyword below to get access to your free gifts. This can be a single word, or a short phrase. Like this: “Give me the word NOTES below if you’d like access to the notes from today’s show.”

And then… 

Facebook live

That’s it! 

Do it again! 

We’ve seen a drastic increase in live viewers with this awesome triple threat of messaging over at Molly Mahoney – The Prepared Performer. And we can’t wait to see the results you bring in on your page! 

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