Written by Fara Rosenzweig

January 15, 2020

The number of people who prefer to talk on the phone versus text is significantly declining.

In fact, there’s been a rise among all age groups who prefer to communicate via messaging apps. More than 50% of people already prefer text, per data released by eMarketer, including 21% of 55-year-olds and older who, according to Salesforce, prefer using messaging apps explicitly. Knowing that more people instead communicate via text makes it a smart channel for businesses to use. Watch Mikael Yan’s Keynote.

The trend is going mobile, which is why we added SMS to our platform.

Note: Some of ManyChat’s interface and information has changed. We’re working hard at updating this content. Please stay tuned!

Your Guide to Everything SMS

Whether you’re familiar with SMS or just getting started, here’s your guide to adopting a successful text message marketing strategy.

How to Use Messenger with SMS and Email

How to Combine Messenger SMS and Email

Messenger has outstanding open rates and click-through rates, but sometimes the conversation goes cold. To keep your conversations going, it’s important to master a seamless approach to communicating through SMS and email. Learn how to connect the dots and use Messenger with SMS and email.

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When to Use SMS


Not everyone has notifications turned on for Messenger or email, but almost everyone knows when they get a text. This makes SMS an excellent channel for sending reminders, time-sensitive offers or coupons and re-engaging a prospective customer after they’ve gone cold in the middle of a bot flow.

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Stay Compliant with Text Messaging

Hero Image for Text Messaging Compliance and Rules Article

Whether you’re a marketing agency wanting to add text marketing as a new service, or a solopreneur getting into Chat Marketing, you need to get permission to send people text messages.

Here’s a quick and practical guide on how to stay compliant, plus tips on how to get your SMS subscriber list off the ground and running.

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How to Use the New ManyChat SMS Feature

Learn how to use the ManyChat SMS feature to bring subscribers back into your flows and reset the 24-hour messaging window. In this video, learn how to collect phone numbers from subscribers and implement ManyChat’s SMS feature functionality successfully.

[Case Study] How A Food Cart Boosted Revenue by 30% with SMS

sms case study food truck

Family-owned food cart vendor, Don Marler, applied SMS campaigns into his marketing strategy and saw a big revenue increase, in fact, by 30 percent. Learn how he applied SMS so you can mimic his hacks.

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How to Sell Using 2-Way SMS Live Chat

Hero image for SMS 2-Way Live Chat article

SMS marketing is a great conversion rate optimization that, with the help of ManyChat’s 2-Way SMS Live Chat, can boost sales, build affinity, and help collect more information on customers and prospects in order to serve them a more personalized experience.

If you want to create a personal touch with every customer, here’s how to sell more using two-way SMS live chat.

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How to Create a 7-Day SMS Challenge

Hero Image for SMS Challenge Idea Article

When you use SMS to run your challenge, you continually refresh the 24-hour Messenger window so you can sprinkle in a promotion here or there, get feedback on your content, and build closer ties with your subscribers.

Because you can build multi-channel flows inside ManyChat, you can easily set up and run an engaging challenge all from one place. If you want to start mastering SMS marketing in ManyChat, here’s how to set up a high-converting, seven-day SMS challenge.

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How to Get SMS Opt-Ins

Get SMS Opt In with ManyChat

Before you can send high-performing SMS messages, you need to get a customer’s phone number and consent to receive texts. If you’re a marketer considering SMS, then you’re ahead of the game. The struggle? How can you get opt-ins from your customers?

Whether it’s a post-purchase follow-up or an existing flow, try one — or all eight — of these strategies to get Facebook Messenger Subscribers to opt-in for your SMS list.

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SMS Marketing Best Practices

Hero Image for SMS Marketing Best Practices Article

People spend more time texting than doing anything else on their phones. To do so, there’s no app to download, no new interface to learn, which helps explain why ninety-seven percent of all smartphone users text their contacts at least once a week.

This is why SMS marketing is one of the marketing channels. It’s expected that 48.7 million people will opt-in to company communications via text by 2020.

So what does this mean for you? Let’s start by going over the basics of SMS marketing and the best practices to safely grow your business in the age of mobile messaging.

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Watch more text marketing best practices

Top SMS Marketing Examples

sms examples 2020

If your business taps into the power of SMS marketing, you can experience a growth in revenue.

Not quite sure where to start? Here are five SMS marketing examples from worldwide corporations and local businesses alike to inspire your jump into the world of SMS marketing.

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SMS and Email FAQs

sms and email faqs

Have questions about SMS? We bet! Here’s a list of all the common SMS and email questions to get you started.

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SMS is a powerful channel to communicate with current and prospective customers. Whether it’s for a reminder, deal, or order info, text messaging can help you build trust and increase revenue for your business.