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7 Proven Black Friday Marketing Ideas for eCommerce Stores

Considering shoppers spent $717.5 billion on Black Friday last year, and another $6 billion on Cyber Monday, eCommerce stores have made it a priority to generate buzz and sell more in this holiday shopping season. 

For many online retailers, this is the revenue-driving shopping season. Promotion and streamline checkout processes are critical to the success of your specials, as well as the success of your Black Friday marketing strategy in general. The better prepared you are, the more you’ll sell online. 

So, how do you promote Black Friday deals? Here are 7 ways to generate interest in order to get more subscribers for a boost in sales this season.

1. Black Friday Messenger bot flow.

One simple way to promote your Black Friday Deals is to send them using Messenger. 

Messenger subscribers are more likely to convert than leads who come in from other channels, according to our case studies. Moreover, you are five times more likely to get a clickthrough from a Messenger subscriber than someone by email, for example. 

When you have a Black Friday promo, run an ad that spotlights your deals. Encourage people to subscribe in exchange for a special code, and quiz them to find out what products they want. You can then segment subscribers based on the product they want or by keyword input, and use the information for sponsored messages or other remarketing efforts down the line. 

2. Upselling.

When you upsell, you persuade customers to buy a more expensive or upgraded version of items or add-ons to make a bigger sale. eCommerce companies who upsell see a 10-30 percent boost in revenue, on average. 

To upsell the right way, put yourself in the mind of your customer and figure out what will help your customer win. It’s a less pushy sales tactic and a more friendly recommendation to help them make the right purchase. 

Did they buy a TV? Recommend they check out your wall mounts or soundbar speakers in Messenger.  Did someone buy the new Iron Man action figure? Re-market other ones in the Marvel series. 

Now your customers don’t have to search for the products they need or want. You can be there to help them out during the most hectic shopping season of the year. 

3. Flash Sales.

Black Friday flash sales are relatively easy to launch and fun to execute, and they can immediately boost your revenue. They can lift transaction rates by 35%, and can help you get rid of excess inventory while stabilizing existing inventory on Black Friday. The goal is to create urgency, enticing impulse shoppers to buy and grow your online presence.

A flash sale promo must be eye-catching and valuable. Make sure it’s designed well and shows how much people will save by clicking through. 

You can use a few different types of flash sales, including “deal of the hour,” which updates new deals every hour on the hour; three-hour flash sales, which have the highest transaction rates; and event-based flash sales, which can last 24 hours or until Cyber Monday. 

Experiment with a few different types and versions, then use the ones that make the most sales.

4. Extend the sale until Cyber Monday.

When planning your Black Friday promos, save some deals for Cyber Monday. Measure what deals around specific products sold best, then reuse them for your Cyber Monday promos. 

You can extend the deal from Black Friday into Monday, or re-launch it as a separate campaign. 

5. Viral Giveaway.

Black Friday is the time to run all your specials. 

When you run a viral giveaway, make sure it’s an irresistible offer for your audience, since they’ll be sharing it out. Find that sweet spot: What interests your audience? Ask yourself, would I jump on this sale if I saw it on Facebook? If not, fix it. 

Then spread the word via Messenger and email, which increases reach and improves sales. Last year, Gabe Schillinger, a dude who sells rap and hip-hop beats online, ran a giveaway that brought in over $260,000 in revenue during Black Friday. 

Learn how he did it step-by-step here.

6. Keep users 2 clicks from checkout.

When you map out your conversation, you’re likely planning how to get the sale. It’s easy to get distracted by creating a great user experience, but you want to focus on what matters most — getting people to click buy. 

To appeal to impulse shoppers, put a countdown timer and quick access to checkout in your flows. If a user wants to, say, see more features, design the conversation to route back to a countdown timer, then checkout again. 

Black Friday Marketing Strategy Tip: 2-Clicks to Checkout | 7 Proven Black Friday Marketing Ideas for eCommerce Stores
Image: AdLeaks

7. Integrate Stripe or PayPal.

When people want to buy your product, prompt them to pay in Messenger. It’s a great way to reduce friction in the selling process, and create a quick and easy checkout for shoppers. You can now integrate both Stripe and PayPal in your ManyChat bot.

Messenger bots can handle transactions from order form processing to sending confirmations in the chat window or by email. You can also set dynamic pricing to charge different amounts; for example, if your customers are cold, you can offer a certain discount. Or you can send loyal customers a special Black Friday discount that’s just for them. 

Ready to make a creative Black Friday campaign?

As you can see, it’s challenging to compete with all the Black Friday noise to promote and sell your product. But that doesn’t mean you can’t do it. 

Think about your audience’s needs before you map out conversation, make sure they’re always two clicks from checkout, and upsell the right products — whether it’s an accessory or upgraded version of the item — and you’ll quickly bring in Black Friday traffic, subscribers, and sales this shopping season.

And if you need any help with your Messenger marketing strategy, join the ManyChat Facebook Community. Or sign up for a free ManyChat account and start building your bot today. 

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