Written by Max Gibbons

July 30, 2019

Big news, everyone:

You’re finally able to receive money in Facebook with ManyChat Messenger Payments!

This is a major announcement and we know a lot of you have been waiting for this one. So pop the champagne, do a little dance, call your mom—whatever you gotta do. Get it all out of your system!

But when you’re done, keep reading—because in this post you’re going to learn how this new payment method works and how to set them up in your ManyChat Pro account.

First, here’s a quick example of how these Facebook mobile payment will look from the user’s end:

Pretty slick, right?

Just click “Buy” and enter your credit card info. It’s about as easy as it gets.

Quick enough for impulse purchases, robust enough for fully fleshed-out sales funnels.

And there are some really awesome benefits to accepting Facebook Messenger payments:

  • Since they are considered in-app payments, your customers don’t have to leave Messenger to buy from you. Less friction + a more streamlined checkout process = higher conversion rates.
  • It’s perfect for conversational selling. Thanks to the interactive nature of Messenger Marketing, you’ll be able to ask all the relevant questions and offer your users the product that’s best suited to their needs.
  • Major trust factor. People trust Facebook/Messenger app, so questions of credit or debit card security will be a thing of the past.
  • The possibilities for scalable marketing automation are endless! Sell products directly inside your automated Messenger sequences. Turn your chat/Messenger bot into your company’s best 24/7 salesperson.
  • Since everything happens in Messenger, there’s no need to set up third-party or cross-domain tracking. Implementation is simple & easy.

Let’s dive in and see how you can set up ManyChat payments inside your account.

(Spoiler alert: it’s pretty easy).

How To Set Up ManyChat Payments

To get started, open the “Settings” section in any ManyChat Pro account and click the “Payments” tab.

how to set up facebook messenger payments

Here you can:

  • Connect to a Stripe account
  • Change your currency type
  • Update your notification settings for new orders
  • See your entire order history

To get started, click the “Add or Create Stripe Account” button. You’ll be taken to the Stripe login page:

login screen for stripe for facebook messenger payments with manychat

In order to connect ManyChat to Stripe, you’ll need to be an admin for both services. Otherwise you’ll get an error message and won’t be able to proceed.

If you’re connecting an existing Stripe account, this should be quick and easy. Just connect the two services and you can begin accepting mobile payments right away!

If you’re creating a new Stripe account, you’ll need to add some additional info about your business. But the process is still pretty straightforward.

Once your Stripe account is connected to ManyChat, you’ll be able to add a “Buy” button to your ManyChat flows!

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Creating A “Buy” Button for Facebook Messenger Payments

There’s a new button type in ManyChat: the buy button. And accepting payments is as simple as adding this button and configuring it for the product or service you’re selling.

To get started, just click “Buy Button” when you reach this screen. Keep in mind that this button can be added only to Card, Gallery, List, and Media Template elements:

how to use the buy button in for Messenger Pay

Next you’ll see a screen like this, where you can add some more information about the product you’re selling:

add a product in manychat payments dashboard

You’ll definitely want to add a great picture of the product — people can’t buy what they can’t see!

You can also change the button title, the price, and the item name (note: the item name will show up in your order history, but the customers won’t see it). The cool thing is you can automatically save an email address provided during the purchase into your Custom user Field and attach Actions that will be triggered after the successful purchase:

email custom fields dashboard for adding Facebook Messenger Payments in ManyChat

You can use one or more Actions in your Action Step to add a Tag, trigger a Zap or subscribe them to a Sequence:

add more steps to create a sequence in ManyChat payments

You can also select which user data you need to request to complete the purchase. For instance, physical products will need an address for shipping. An email address will be requested by default.

When your user clicks on the buy button, they’ll see a screen like this:

order description example of Facebook Messenger Payments in ManyChat

And after they successfully submit their payment, the user will receive a confirmation message telling them their purchase was successful:

purchase was successful screen for Facebook Messenger Payment in ManyChat

And that’s all there is to it!

[Get started with ManyChat now and put this into action: Sign up here!]

Of course, you’ll probably want to build out your flow to make your customers’ shopping experience as helpful and informative as possible. Give them the option to upgrade or customize their order, let them know how and when they will receive their product, and answer any other questions your customers are likely to have.

And speaking of questions…

Facebook Payments in ManyChat Q&A

Here are a few of the more common questions we’ve received so far:

What currencies do you support?

Now we support EUR, USD and GBP currencies.

Do you charge any fees?

ManyChat doesn’t charge any additional fee for using Payments feature. Please, keep in mind, that Stripe charges each transaction. More details here https://stripe.com/us/pricing

What products can I and can’t I sell using Messenger Payments in ManyChat?

Since your bot operates in Facebook Messenger, we recommend you to comply with Facebook rules https://www.facebook.com/policies/commerce)

Is it possible to purchase more than one product at a time?

Right now, customers can only purchase one product at a time. Shopping cart and other cool features may come in the future. Stay tuned, we can add even more useful functionality down the road.

What can I do with a successful step?

After the successful purchase you can perform different Actions: add Tags, subscribe them to a Sequence, send them content and confirmation messages.

I want to charge recurring fees inside ManyChat bot. What can I do?

ManyChat Payments feature doesn’t support recurring fees as for now. As a workaround we suggest you to try redirecting you subscribers to Zoho Subscriptions or Infusionsoft. Your subscribers will see these external pages as a nice webview.

Is it possible to trigger a Zapier event from a purchase?

Yes, you can perform different Actions including Trigger Zap Even Action.

Where can I find terms of service for payments?

Check out section 7 of our terms of service.

Why aren’t mobile payment apps such as Apple Pay/Android Pay supported?

Apple/Android Pay are cool features, and they’ll work in a browser, but not directly inside Messenger. Stay tuned, though, because this feature may be supported in the future.

In which countries is Stripe available?

To use Stripe, your business must be based in one of 25 countries. See the full list here https://stripe.com/global

You can also sign up to get notified about your country. Once Stripe is supported in your country, you’ll be able to accept payments from customers anywhere in the world.

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Give It A Whirl

Well, that’s it, guys!

I’d really encourage you to log into your account and try putting up a product for sale on ManyChat. It’s incredibly quick to set up and the whole process is easy and intuitive.

We’ve been saying for a long time that Messenger is the marketing channel of the future. Well, today that future is one step closer thanks to the ability to accept money with the help of Messenger Payments in your bot.

November 2018 Update:

Our latest update to ManyChat Payments allows you to integrate more complex logic in Payments to empower the ecommerce section of your bot!

Dynamic Pricing

Your Buy Button can now have dynamic pricing for charging different amounts. Your subscribers and customers can be charged different amounts based on their individual discount or their status with your company.

Here’s what that looks like in action:

Messenger Payments in ManyChat Feature Dynamic Pricing

This is a game changer for businesses offering loyalty programs, discounts, and sales!

Here’s how you set this up within ManyChat…

Go to Settings on the left hand side and then to the Payments tab and connect or follow the instructions to create a Stripe account…

ManyChat Payments Feature Update
ManyChat Payments Feature Update
ManyChat Payments Feature Update

And this is just the tip of the iceberg…

Custom Formula

Using Custom Formula in Buy Button allows you to create a simple shopping cart inside the bot — your customers can add different items in their Custom Fields and you just need to sum up all their values at checkout.

The first step to create a shopping cart within the buy button is to create at least two numeric custom fields and user inputs to collect their order number.

ManyChat Payments Feature update

After you set up those two or more custom fields and user inputs, you can add in the buy button to any flow in a card or image gallery and calculate the final item price by creating a custom formula under Item Price

ManyChat Payments Feature Update

This update also allows you to use Conditions in Buy Button to limit the purchase in case they don’t match. It helps you to track the number of items and stop selling once they’re out of stock.

ManyChat Payment Feature Update

July 2018 Update:

We’ve heard your requests and today we’re rolling out a few updates to ManyChat Payments!

Here’s what you now have access to:

  1. We’ve added more Currencies (NZD, MXN, CHF, DKK, NOK, SGD, SEK)
  2. We’ve added maximum and minimum price value for every supported currency
  3. We’ve added decimal value in prices, for example, you can now sell your products for $14.99

What would you like to see from us next? Post in the comments below!

ManyChat Payment Method Abilities

During Closed Beta we empowered Payments feature abilities based on a feedback from our customers. Since now you’ll be able to:

  • Use test credit card to test your payments flows (use 4242 4242 4242 4242 as your card number to make a test purchase)
  • Pre-fill email in the payment method details tab from their Custom User Field
  • Accept payments from subscribers without leaving Facebook Messenger
  • Confirm a payment (automatic in-bot confirmation, email)
  • Get notifications on successful payments
  • See the list of successful and failed transactions
  • Contact subscribers after their purchase (both failed and successful)
  • Attach Actions based on the successful purchase (add Tags, send content, subscribe to Sequence etc.).

⚠ Please keep in mind that the Payments feature is available in a limited number of countries. See the full list here.

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