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Matt Plapp's ROI Experts

We help Restaurants & Agencies put butts in the seats with our ROI Engine program. The ROI Engine is a restaurant customer acquisition tool that helps restaurants gain HUGE exposure, grow a GIANT database and drive sales. All of this is tracked through the ROI Engine Dashboard. We run our program through Facebook Messenger along with Email, everything is tracked through messenger a integration that ties to our dashboard. 200+ Agencies around the world use our program to help their restaurant clients drive database growth and sales.
United States, Union 

Manuel Suarez

We are an Attention Grabbing Agency. We systematically blend different advertising approaches to drive attention from people to products and services. Achieving brand awareness, consistency, and authenticity that grabs consumer to become customers. Our client's results are our only metric.
United States, Tampa 

Skytale Digital

We help restaurant owners build profitable online advertisements, to immediately generate more guests, with no work and without being overwhelmed by technology.
United States, Tucson 

BZP Digital & Inbound

We are a HubSpot Gold Partner digital marketing agency in Mongolia. Conversational marketing is becoming an important part of our endeavors. We are helping our customers to build chatbots and continuously grow it by adding more features and contents. We also integrate chatbots with HubSpot CRM. Facebook ads is the most effective online advertising on this market, so we proactively grow bot subscribers through targeted ads. Email:
Mongolia, Ulaanbaatar 

Ritual Media

Ritual Media is a Chatbot Agency, that helps businesses generate more revenue but also with brand building and also Customer services (FAQ).
France, Paris 

Heb Watts

Consultor digital especializado en Chat Marketing con más de 4 años de experiencia. Desarrollador de más de 100 chatbots y colaborador en más de 200 proyectos en más de 20 países. Pionero en América Latina en el uso e integración de aplicaciones de terceros para la optimización de chatbots como Dialogflow by Google, Botsheets y Janis. Experto en automatización de tareas y atención al cliente. Desde el 2019 ayudo a empresas de distintos tamaños a automatizar sus tareas de atención al cliente, aumentar sus ventas y ser sostenibles.
Colombia, Bogota 

Skytale Digital

We help clients in the hospitality industry acquire more customers.
United States, Tucson 


We are a team of professional Designers and Developers, Customer Support Representatives and Virtual Assistant Representatives. Understanding your vision and operations to develop and design marketing and training materials that represent your brand and conveys your organization and culture is our expertise, passion, and purpose. We are experienced in:  Web Design and Development Experience  Design / Multimedia  Data Scraping and Data Science  Chat-Bot Development of All type!  Any type of financial document designing or creation (Like pay stubs, invoices)  Digital Marketing/SEO
Pakistan, Islamabad 

3M Marketing

3M Marketing is the Agency which use Manychat as a Messenger Marketing Method to apply to Small Bussiness, as pecially in F&B area. NẾU BẠN CẦN MỘT HỆ THỐNG THỰC SỰ HIỆU QUẢ VÀ ĐÃ ĐƯỢC KIỂM CHỨNG BẰNG KẾT QUẢ CỦA RẤT NHIỀU KHÁCH HÀNG => <=
Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh City 

AGM Agency

We systematically blend different advertising approaches to drive attention from people to products and services. Achieving brand awareness, consistency, and authenticity that grabs consumers to become customers. Our Client's results are our only metric.
United States, Tampa 

TBS Marketing

NeuroMarketing Customer Support + Graphic Design Consumer Psychology for Bots
Costa Rica, San José 

Trove Agency

Trove Agency provides media buying and personalized messenger funnels that focus on high volume lead generation in the finance, insurance, health, and home owner verticals.
United States, Chicago 

Hello Chatbot

I specialize in: ✅ Facebook & Instagram Ad campaigns: creating and managing ads to generate new leads and customers, enhancing sales, optimization, and reporting. ✅Messenger bots creating with Manychat: run up Facebook advertising campaign using bots with Manychat. I have worked with AMAZON Products, REAL ESTATE AGENCIES, Dentistries, Photography services, Cleaning services and lots of other businesses.
Ukraine, Kyiv 

Flamingo Media SL

Digital Media Agency based in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria
Spain, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

I have built a pro bot template specifically for Real Estate Agents and have already sold several hundred and have built a community of thousands of Realtors.
United States, Auburndale 

Digital Help

Digital Help is the largest bot building agency from Romania. We focus only on growing businesses through building high-converting Facebook Chatbots
Romania, Cluj-Napoca 

La Fabrique à Clients

The first French speaking agency serving French Canada, French Europe and French Africa's online entrepreneurs
Canada, Montreal 


We help digital marketing agencies cut up to 90% of the time needed to create chatbots using our customizable white-label bot templates for Facebook Messenger.
United States, Walnut 


We design game-changing chatbots that play infinitely. From designing the narratives to exploring the concepts that influence thought, meaning and decision-making. We help brands to optimize their chat conversations with customers at every stage. If you want to level up and beat the chat marketing game, let’s chat.
Georgia, Tbilisi 

School of Bots (100+ Chatbot Clients Served)

👋 We build highly profitable chat campaigns. Our services include done-for-you agency services, consulting, and team training. We've served 100+ chatbot clients, including... 🤖 MindValley (2.6M+ followers), 🤖 Matthew Hussey (3.8M+ followers), 🤖 Positive Parenting Solutions (1.2M+ followers), 🤖 DigitalMarketer's podcasts (408K+ followers), and 🤖 Social Media Examiner (550K+ followers). 📲 Click the link below to get in touch 👇
United States, San Diego 

Revenue Upscale

We help local restaurants get more customers through list building on manychat.
United States, Kansas City 

Book Me Solid

DIY Lead Generation Isn’t For Everyone… Most realtors struggle generating online leads. Not only that, they miss sales while wasting lots of time and money trying to figure it out. At Book Me Solid we help agents create instant leverage by making it easy to join more sales conversations and close more deals without sacrificing relationships. Successful Agents Leverage Other People’s Time… You can too. Take the guesswork out & leverage our proven systems to start 1,000s of conversations each week so you can build relationships & sell more homes. Cheers 🥂 To Less Stress & More Success! - Chris & Brandon
United States, Woodstock 

Church Growth Agency

Chatbots for churches
United States, Tulsa 


RealtyMessengerBot.Com is the #1 Real Estate ChatBot template on ManyChat! Realty Messenger Bot nurtures and follows up with buyer and seller leads for an entire year. Let us show you how to start more conversations and convert more clients into closed deals.
United States, Orange Beach 

Ads Grow Business

United Kingdom, London 

Mackensie Liberman

Orca Marketology is a chat marketing agency that helps clients achieve their growth and sales goals primarily through done-for-you services including Facebook ads and Messenger bots. Founded by Mackensie Liberman, one of the industry's top experts and a ManyChat Power User, Orca Marketology has a wealth of experience with a variety of different industries and niches from many small local businesses to online businesses including ecommerce, coaches, software, and others. For clients who want to increase their own knowledge of Messenger Marketing, Mackensie has a number of training programs including done-with-you services, one-on-one coaching/consulting, and her flagship course, the Chatbot Agency Blueprint.
United States, Spokane 

GVN Marketing Australia / Canada

GVN Marketing means "Become Viral Now". Because only viral marketing can survive the madness of social media. Increase awareness of your business, increase your sales and save time with our leading services.
Canada, Montreal 


Easybot is a ManyChat chatbot platform to automate the setup and management of Amazon product launching, ranking, and review campaigns. Easybot supports rebate automation and product inserts. Easybot Enterprise is a full service marketing agency for Amazon campaigns.
United States, Salt Lake City 

7 Series Agency

7 Series Agency is a full service internet marketing and advertising agency, that takes pride in providing small to medium sized businesses with the platform needed to scale efficiently through innovative, comprehensive digital marketing campaigns. We are the agency for you if you are looking for a marketing partner that will increase your leads and sales and help grow your brand in the marketplace, all while optimizing your marketing costs.
United States, Charlotte 

Kerry Fitzgibbon

Social Media Plus One is Facebook and Messenger Marketing Agency servicing mainly ecommerce business. We leverage the power of Facebook combined with messenger to attract, build leads, nurture and retain loyal repeat customers for the ecommerce industry.
Australia, Gold Coast 

Engi Marketers Inc | Gustavo Boregio

We are a dedicated Chat Marketing agency specialized in creating high-converting, integrated solutions. Chat Marketing is by far the most effective digital marketing strategy today - if done correctly! Get in touch and you'll be able to leverage our experience to implement strategies that will actually get you results, all integrated with your current systems and making your business work better and more efficiently!
United States, Middletown 

Restoration Marketing

Our mission is to create extraordinary value for businesses using cutting-edge digital marketing solutions. Our passion and ultimate goal at Restoration Marketing is restoring businesses and the lives of their employees. In today’s ultra-competitive economic environment, business owners and their employees are often overworked, stressed, and unable to live life to the fullest (and that’s just not right!) We remedy this by providing strategic internet marketing solutions for your business, aiming to a) discover new ways to grow your business online, b) take unnecessary marketing-related tasks off the plates of you and and your employees, c) increase efficiency, and d) boost overall profitability. Effective marketing equals more money, and more time — for you to do things like improving your product or service, connecting with your existing clients more often, thinking of ways to improve your company culture, spending more time with your family, or just enjoying life a bit more!
United States, Hershey 

SimpleGrowth Chatbots

The next level of automation of your sales process and customer service is here. We are a media agency that puts your lead generation and customer service on automatic. Quickly becoming a “best practice” for businesses around the globe, these artificially intelligent Bots can save your business time and money wasted on customer service and sales by giving customers 24/7 access to a self-service platform provided by human-like Bots. Our services allow our clients to save time by automating their sales and customer service process, being hyper-relevant by anticipating faq's, and offering valuable information and resources, meeting their customers where they already are, using Messenger chat, SMS and Email. We work in all service industries, but have specialized knowledge in home services, both indoor and outdoor.
United States, Milwaukee 

CodeX Solutions International

We guide our clients and partners with our innovative solutions in Business Solutions using Chatbots especially Ecommerce Stores like Amazon. We provide end-to-end chatbot solutions. Integration of Chatbot with AI and RPA to get the most out of technology. The Chatbot should be given human touch in all sense, for example, the user has requested for a good restaurant and the bot can immediately reply from its system but there should human pause in between before answering. This will trick the user into thinking that they are communicating with a person and not just a robot. Similarly, the bot should respond in such a way that customers are bound to believe that they are chatting with a human instead of a bot.
United States, Sheridan 

Vinbar Media

Vinbar Group has 3 member companies currently operating in Vietnam First, specializes in supplying equipment and materials in the f & B industry with more than 13500 customers in the last 5 years. Secondly, Vinbar Media specializes in providing overall marketing solutions for restaurant and cafe owners (product photography, chatbot building, facebook advertising, menu building). Finally, Vinbar Academy ( is a training institute for restaurant owners, milk tea and coffee shop owners.
Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh City 

Bluebrand &Co

We design sales funnels, implement successful Facebook ad campaigns and build conversational Messenger bots.
Netherlands, Amsterdam 

Mavix Digital

A 360 Digital Marketing Agency that can help you grow you business to the fullest potential. Get in touch with us now and put your business on the digital world map.
Pakistan, Faisalabad 

Eduliiga OÜ

We offer digital marketing services to retail customers oriented companies. We focus on customer results and automated solutions.
Estonia, Tallinn 

Chatbot Marketing Professionals

CHAMP (Chatbot Marketing Professionals) delivers a ground-up solution for Course Creators, Financial Advisors, Real Estate, Infopreneurs, Amazon FBA, E-Commerce, Freelancers and Digital Marketing Agencies. We are known in the Philippines to be the Hub of Chat Marketing events, community, coaching, and agency. Our aim is to simplify the process of building bots for businesses to get quality leads from the unknown into repeat buyers with our secret K.E.Y Chat Marketing framework that is Facebook Terms compliance.
Philippines, Bacoor 

Dwayne Roberts

We are a digital marketing agency the specializes in lead generation for small to medium business with a focus on conversion and customer retention.
United States, Nashville 
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