BigCommerce Integration: How to Sync Your Store with ManyChat

BigCommerce integration

If there’s one lesson in learning how to grow your business online, it’s the importance of building relationships with customers from sign up to purchase. 

Having a marketing automation tool like ManyChat that helps find, capture, and convert high-value customers can improve the consumer experience, and create marketing campaigns that support your BigCommerce store and meet your business needs.

So, if you want to win more customers and increase revenue, here’s a step-by-step guide to integrate BigCommerce with ManyChat today.

Why sync your BigCommerce store with ManyChat?

Online store owners experience a few key advantages when connecting BigCommerce and ManyChat: 

  • Turn website visitors into subscribers. Create mobile-friendly Growth Tools for your store and grow your subscriber lists fast. Choose the design, timing, and placement, then publish it to your site with one click. 
  • Send targeted campaigns to customers. Our omnichannel Flow Builder lets you talk to customers through SMS, Messenger, and email. It’s the fastest, easiest way to send post-purchase follow-ups, collect product feedback, and drive sales. 
  • Reach more customers with your Facebook ads. Take advantage of customer data to create Facebook and Instagram ads that increase sales and customer reach. Track engagement and ROI inside ManyChat to see which Facebook advertising strategies help you make more money. 
  • Convert higher value orders with personalization. When you connect your BigCommerce store to ManyChat, you’ll have access to powerful workflow automation tools that help increase revenue and win back lost sales. Create personalized recommendations based on purchase history and behaviors. Send abandoned cart SMS, email, or messages in Facebook Messenger to follow-up with people who don’t complete a purchase in your online store, automatically. 
  • Connect with customers through Live Chat. Let a human talk with website visitors, anytime, anywhere. With ManyChat’s mobile app (available in the App Store and Google Play), you can chat with customers right from your phone to help solve problems and make sales. 

Want to sync your BigCommerce platform with ManyChat today? Learn how in the following set up. 

How to integrate your BigCommerce account to ManyChat

Connecting your BigCommerce store to ManyChat takes four simple steps:

  1. Create a Growth Tool in ManyChat
  2. Authorize your website domain in ManyChat account
  3. Add Java Snippet to BigCommerce store
  4. Activate Growth Tool

1. Create a Growth Tool in ManyChat

First, sign in to your ManyChat account (or create one if you haven’t yet already). 

In your dashboard, click the Flows tab. Then click the + New Flow button in the upper right-hand corner. 

Creating a new Flow for BigCommerce integration

Name your flow. 

Naming your Flow

After naming your flow, you’ll end up in Flow Builder. Click Add Trigger. 

Adding Trigger in Flow builder

Select a Widget from the menu. For this example, let’s choose Customer Chat.

Choosing Customer Chat to put on BigCommerce store

Once the Customer Chat settings load, create your Greeting Text and Follow up message. Then click Install JavaScript Snippet. 

Adding Customer Chat in Flow builder

2. Authorize your website and copy JavaScript code

Add your domain name to the authorize website list. 

Authorizing website

Copy the code under the Install ManyChat Snippet tab.

Copying ManyChat JavaScript for BigCommerce website integration

3. Add JavaScript snippet to BigCommerce store

Go to your BigCommerce dashboard and click Storefront in the left navigation bar. 

Then select the Script Manager tab. You’ll land on the screen below. Once there, click the Create a Script button. 

Script Manager in BigCommerce dashboard

Choose the necessary settings — such as name, description, etc. — and paste your Customer Chat widget code in the Script contents box. 

Adding script to BigCommerce online store

Save your settings. 

4. Activate Growth Tool

Once you create the script, go back to your ManyChat account. Publish the Growth Tool you’ve built and toggle the Disabled switch to Activated in the bottom left-hand corner. 

Activating Growth Tool for Big Commerce Store

Now your Growth Tool is Live!

Here’s an example of what ManyChat for BigCommerce looks like.

What BigCommerce integration an ManyChat looks like.

Please note that the BigCommerce integration is available as part of our ManyChat Pro plan.

Maximizing your BigCommerce store

Whether it’s to build flawless omnichannel marketing campaigns or turn more site visitors into leads, the ManyChat BigCommerce integration will help you create an extraordinary shopping experience that helps you win new customers and sell more products online. 

Want to connect BigCommerce to your ManyChat account? Go Pro now.

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