ManyChat Course Intro: Messenger Marketing & Chatbot Mastery

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Welcome to the 2019 ManyChat Course. Let Kelly Noble Mirabella be your guide in learning how to build your first messenger bot. All the way through the course, Kelly will walk you step-by-step through in using ManyChat to build your first Messenger Marketing campaign. We will be taking this adventure with our friend Mary who is a fitness coach who wishes to use ManyChat to market her fitness coaching services. Kelly will take Mary from the set up through to building out a fully operational Messenger bot.

Mary has three goals she wants to accomplish

  1. Growing her subscribers,

  2. Marketing to those subscribers while building an engaging experience, and

  3. Converting subscribers into buyers.

As we go through and help Mary build out her first Marketing campaigns within ManyChat, you can draw inspiration and knowledge so you can apply the things you learn in a way that makes sense for your business. Before we begin, it is important to know that, while you can do a lot with the free features inside of ManyChat, much of what I will be teaching will include the pro features. I highly recommend that you consider upgrading to pro so you can take advantage of all the amazing and powerful tools ManyChat has to offer.

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