How to Set Up ManyChat Keywords

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In this next video, Kelly is going to show you how to set up keywords in ManyChat. Keywords are a great way to automate conversations inside your bot, and keep in touch with your subscribers! Without keywords in place, your bot won't be able to understand when people ask it things outside the flows you've built.

In this video, we will cover

  1. Set up a keyword to trigger live chat and notify an admin

  2. How keywords can help trigger your chatbot flows and actions

  3. Stop and unsubscribe already built-in

  4. Discuss a couple of ways keywords can help various businesses

  5. Talk to a human

  6. Send a message when the user gives a thumbs up

  7. Use keywords to smarten up your chatbot natively

  8. Pay attention to actions users take all the time and you can update keywords to help users as the opportunities reveal themselves

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