[Case Study] How PXS School of Excellence Used ManyChat to 10X Lead Volume in One Month



In 2004, Edwin Garro established the PXS School of Excellence in Costa Rica to certify more engineers in the prestigious Lean Six Sigma program across Latin American and other equally grand certifications. At the time, PXS Global, a renowned Six Sigma, Lean Manufacturing and Excellence consultancy, was building authority in the market and saw a gap in Latin engineers. 

PXS Global teamed up with Trilce Jiron, founder of TBS Marketing, to carry out an automated Facebook lead generation process to generate high-value leads for the company’s more than 70 certification programs. 

To reach more potential students for the online program, Trilce ran a click-to-Messenger ad campaign with organic lead nurturing, which resulted in a 10X lift in leads and 85% less cost per conversion. 


PXS global school of excellence case study results

The Problem

The company had been promoting it’s Six Sigma Black Belt, Lean Manufacturing, Shingo, Advanced Excel and other certification programs using boost and organic posts on Facebook, which led to good results, but they knew it could be better. They needed a strategic way to build interest and generate leads for their programs in Latin America.

Quote from Trilce Jiron

Their goal

PXS School of Excellence wanted to run a more cost-efficient Facebook marketing strategy that could reach more potential students, increase interest in its online certification programs for high-end engineers and management experts, and generate more qualified leads. 


  • A new identity on social media. With the help of TBS Marketing, PXS reimagined its social identity to help build brand awareness and recognition from ad to bot flow through follow-up from a course rep. The new colors and style lead to an 850% increase in organic engagement on the company’s Facebook Business Page. 
  • Targeted Facebook ads. Through ManyChat, Trilce used lookalike audiences based on their customers so Facebook could deliver ads to new people likely to be interested in the programs.
  • Automated lead qualification process. PXS relied on an exhaustive manual process for qualifying prospective students. To help save the company time and resources, Trilce created a Messenger experience to collect lead information and qualify them for the program based on certifications received in the school. 
  • Capturing organic interest with Growth Tools. They used ManyChat’s Facebook Comments Growth Tool to follow-up with interested people from organic posts and qualified them through the first message letting people know if they had any specific requirements for a class.

How PXS Used ManyChat to 10X Lead Volume in One Month

With the COVID-19 outbreak, PXS saw the opportunity to go 100% digital and offer its renowned courses all across Spanish speaking countries using ManyChat. Their goal is to help professionals all around the world gain international recognition from employers and move their careers forward by acquiring the proper knowledge from a top 1% expert in Lean Manufacturing. 

PXS School of Excellence wanted to reach and educate more people about the company’s online certifications in this campaign. In previous campaigns, they would boost Facebook posts and publish organic content on the platform, and manually qualified prospective students. But as the program gained more recognition, the team knew this strategy would not scale with the company.

PXS’s marketing agency TBS Marketing worked closely with the team to simplify the company’s lead generation process by automating lead qualification in Messenger and only send prospective students to course reps. 

To lessen the time spent responding to every email and Facebook comment, PXS used ManyChat’s Facebook Comments Growth Tool for lead automation. This, of course, presented a new challenge for the company: now, instead of getting 10 non-pre-qualified leads, they now receive over 200 qualified leads, daily. 

Trilce and her team ran Facebook ads with a Messenger Ref Url and messaging tailored for those who might be interested in pursuing one of the certifications, such as Business Process Management, Green Belt, White Belt, or Master Black Belt. 

PXS showed the ads to adults based in various Latin American countries, aged 25 to 60. They also layered on additional targeting for women, as the company aims to close the diversity gap in the engineering world.

Each ad had a “Send Message” button that when clicked, opened into a Messenger conversation that prompted a set of qualification questions based on the company’s criteria. They collected the lead’s contact information including email, area code, and phone number in the bot. 

Bot flow example

Then all submitted contact information went to their CRM via Zapier where course reps could reach out.

PXS used ManyChat’s Comments Growth Tool to field questions from their organic posts. When someone commented, they were sent to a specific flow where they most likely would convert. 


By implementing an automated, Messenger-based lead generation system and running Facebook ads, PXS was able to 10X their lead volume in one month and drive more qualified leads for over 70 different certifications available to students.

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