Quickly Update Photos Across Flows with Dynamic Images

dynamic images

Imagine that you’re a camping supply company and you’re selling an awesome, portable camping stool through ManyChat. And when setting up your ManyChat campaign, you used photos of the stool in several different flows and flow steps. Now you want to update your flows with a new picture. Normally, you would have to track down each photo and update one by one. 

This can be a tedious task. Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a simpler way? Good news. We are launching Dynamic Image Blocks to help you quickly update and manage images across your ManyChat campaigns and flows.


Now instead of uploading an image each time, you can insert an image URL. Not only does this make building your flows faster — less downloading, uploading, and file management — but it also allows you to easily update a photo in multiple places with just one click.

Dynamic Images Can Help You To:

  1. Replace the same image across multiple steps or flows all at once
  2. Automatically sync product images with your Shopify Store or Website
  3. Use customer choices (like favorite color) to send the most relevant photo

Update An Image In Multiple Steps Or Flows At Once

The easiest way to quickly update a single image in multiple spots is to combine Dynamic Images with Bot Fields. 


If you don’t recall, Bot Fields are Custom Fields that stay consistent across your flows. When you insert a Bot Field into a message, it acts as a variable like [First Name], except it’s consistent across users. 

So when you update a Bot Field, it instantly makes that change in all of the messages where you’ve placed it, for every subscriber. You can update Bot fields from Settings → Custom Fields.

To change our stool image above, you would just update the “value” of the field below:

product image

Why is this so awesome?

By changing the value of the Bot Field, you update the URL of the image in every spot you’ve placed it, instantly changing it across ManyChat.

Keeping Images Consistent With Your Website Or Shopify Store

If you use the same image URL for your Bot Field as you do on your website, updating an image on your website will automatically change it across all of your Chat Marketing efforts. Just make sure that you’re uploading a new image to the same URL.

Here’s an example of updating an image at the same URL using WordPress.


If you’ve integrated your Shopify Store with ManyChat, anytime you make a change to your Shopify Catalog, it will automatically update Shopify Image URLs used for things like your product catalog or  Abandoned Cart Recovery card galleries.

Customizing Images for Each Shopper

Let’s say our awesome camping stool is available in a variety of fun colors. As part of your flow leading up to a sale, you could ask a customer what their favorite color is.

With Dynamic Image Blocks, we can make sure that the stool they see matches the color they chose. 

Here we’ll use a Custom User Field to modify which image from our website is shown based on a customer’s color choice.

product pictures

So if a shopper chooses “blue” as their favorite color, we can save it to the Custom Field “Favorite Color” and use it to update the image URL so that it displays a blue stool. If another customer instead puts “yellow” they’ll see a yellow one.

The typical alternative would be to build a specific message step for each customer choice, which can end up as large, harder-to-manage flows. 

Using Dynamic Images can keep your flows simpler and better organized, especially if you have many options.

We hope this update saves you time and makes building and maintaining your Chat Marketing strategy easier. 

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