Best Practices for ManyChat from a Successful Business Owner’s Perspective

Best Practices for ManyChat from a Successful Business Owner’s Perspective

David Gonzalez, founder of Astral Restaurant Systems, has experienced great success after implementing ManyChat into his business strategy. We spoke with Gonzalez (you can read the full story here) and he provided keen insight into exactly how he integrated ManyChat into his business, and the resulting successes he achieved. 

To recap, Gonzalez was able to:

  • Grow his subscriber list by 23,000 people.
  • Increase his visitors by 31%, totaling 7,000 additional visits.
  • See a $52,000 increase in revenue from ManyChat implementation.
  • Increase his conversion rate by 2,400%.

Digging deeper into Gonzalez’s success, we wanted to know a few  best practices he feels helped him achieve this amazing return. Here are seven tips that you can implement in your own strategy.

Tip 1: Experiment with different growth tools

“Experiment with different growth tools,” said Gonzalez. “Sometimes people will respond better with the Comment Growth Tool and sometimes with some ads.”

There are so many great features to ManyChat’s Chat Marketing options, with growth tools like:

  • QR codes.
  • Landing pages.
  • Facebook triggers.
  • Buttons.
  • Boxes.
  • Overlay widgets.

Don’t stick with just one. Different customers may respond more positively to one growth tool over another. Implement some A/B testing to find the right balance and what your clients respond to best. 

Tip 2: Create a user-friendly chatbot

“Make your chatbot really friendly to the user,” Gonzalez said. 

The whole point of Chat Marking is to simplify your overall marketing plan. ManyChat makes it extremely easy for you to get started with tools like:

Business owners have access to every resource needed to create the perfect, user-friendly chat experience for their targeted customers. 

Tip 3: Use Facebook Custom Audience action for retargeting

“Use Facebook Custom Audience action for retargeting,” said Gonzalez. 

Facebook retargeting is one of the simplest ways to retarget ads and capture some low-hanging fruit in the marketing world. Facebook allows you to create ads that targeta custom group of people based on your Facebook pixel or customer list. This custom audience tool kit allows you to:

  • Regenerate sales. 
  • Retarget campaigns.
  • Segment your audience.
  • Implement more cost-effective advertising. 

Tip 4: Collect as much data as possible

“Collect as much data as possible and use it to personalize emails and messages across all communication channels,” Gonzalez said.

ManyChat offers some great tools to capture as much information from your audience as possible. Gonzalez, for example, had great success utilizing the QR code feature. By  creating a unique QR code and attaching it to restaurant tables, order confirmations, and receipts, Gonzalez was able to capture names, phone numbers, and email addresses. He now had an entire database to pull from for sending out retargeting ads, follow-up messages, and other marketing campaigns. 

Tip 5: Create multiple interactions with the same customer across all platforms.

“Create multiple interactions with the same customer across all platforms,” said Gonzalez.

Don’t just utilize one platform to make that connection with your customers; instead, capitalize on all the platforms available to you, like Facebook, email, Instagram, and even WhatsApp. 

With tools like ManyChat Flow Builder, you can connect with your customers across all these platforms through ManyChat. 

Tip 6: Utilize the bot fields

“Use bot fields as much as possible to help you build faster flows,” Gonzalez said.

Unlike custom fields, which are unique to each user, bot fields are for the bot as a whole. It’s like a cheat sheet for creating a flow. For example, if you have certain information that you use on a regular basis like:

  • Company phone number.
  • Company email address.
  • Dates and times.
  • Unique counts (coupon handouts, tickets distributed, etc.).
  • Inventory.

… these are great to put in a bot field for ease of access, as well as the creation of new bots that use the same information as older ones.

Tip 7:  Use the randomizer to do split tests

“Use the randomizer to do split tests to see what generates more interactions across channels, and optimize according to results,” concluded Gonzalez.

Split or A/B testing is another excellent way to get a feel for what your audience likes and is attracted to. This way you can keep creating more of these interactions and do away with whatever isn’t working. The outcome results in optimized and improved performance of your bots over time. 

Implementing a randomizer within your flow is simple: just double-tap or right-click anywhere in the flow’s background and choose the needed block. It will look similar to the image below:

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