Announcing SMS and Email Features!


Hey ManyChatters! 

Let’s get right to it, you may have heard a rumor, and yes it’s true. We’re launching SMS and email on the ManyChat platform!

We know the world is moving to mobile messaging, and it’s essential to the ManyChat team and me to make communication with your customers easy. We see SMS and email fit seamlessly into this as the future of conversation moves toward automation. 

We’re creating a more engaging Messenger experience that serves businesses while keeping the consumer in mind. Adding SMS and email options to our Messenger platform will help you engage with your customers on their preferred medium, all from a single interface.

Why SMS and Email? 

With 1.5 billion monthly active users on Facebook Messenger, it’s clear that Messenger is the right channel for most interactions. However, not all communication is ideal on this medium, and other channels like SMS and email are also great options to communicate with your customers. This is why we encourage you to think multi-channel as you build your campaigns. Using the right tool to deliver valuable content can maximize results. 

SMS is great for time-sensitive reminders or codes, while email is a better fit for recurring updates and beautiful static content. You choose the right channel for the goal you want to achieve. 

These tools will help you grow and save time on your marketing efforts because we’re combining Messenger, email, and SMS all in one place. It’s a win-win! You can save on time while building rich customer experience and creating meaningful conversations with your customers on their preferred medium. 

The Benefits of Messenger, SMS, and Email on One Platform 

As mentioned, Messenger, SMS, and email all on one platform allow you to create and maintain conversations with your customers. You’ll be able to send tailored messages to the right audience while building a smart and trusting relationship with your customers. 

Other benefits of combining Messenger, SMS, and email:

  • Each medium can reach different audiences at different times
  • If a user goes cold on one channel, you have other channels to re-engage
  • Now you’ll have three times the opportunities to talk with your customers
  • You can mix and match communication tactics to better fit customer preferences when delivering content 
  • You have more ways to send reminders like reservations, appointments, webinars, abandoned cart, etc.

Who Are SMS and Email for? 

All ManyChat users will benefit from these new options, especially those who send regular updates outside of Facebook subscription messaging or non-promotional messaging rules. Combining SMS and Email helps reduce the risk of sharing spammy content, which we do not endorse and would not fit into Facebook’s Messenger policy. 

All Pro users can send messages outside of Facebook’s 24-hour rule. They can push notifications on any upcoming sales, new items, contests, content, or promos as a few examples. But remember, you have to get subscribers to opt-in for each separate channel.

eCommerce User 

ECommerce businesses can build their first interaction through Messenger and then follow-up via Messenger (if within the 24-hour rule). If the customer goes cold, you can then send them a text (if opted-in), and then an email. You can also send prospects and customers a reminder to join the conversation via Messenger with a call to action back to your ManyChat bot. 

Professional Services

In addition to the above, professional services can use the preferred channel to remind customers of appointments, webinars, or advice.

Restaurants and Salons

Service-based businesses like restaurants and salons can send reservation confirmations or reminders, “your table is ready” updates, coupon codes, loyalty rewards, or even specials for the day. 

Coaching and Education

Coaches and educators can benefit from these communication methods by sending class or webinar reminders, class sign-ups, training discounts, meetups, or training tips. You can then send a reminder to keep the conversation going with a call to action back to Messenger. 

In Conclusion

SMS and email are two powerful re-engagement tools and are also helpful to use if you want to send ongoing subscription-type content. We’re working hard to make this easier for you through integrations as well as new features. We envision creating SMS and email campaigns to be just as easy as building Messenger bot sequences in Flow Builder. It’s one seamless campaign for you regardless of which channel you message your customers on. 

Over the next few weeks, we’ll be providing content to help you build your new multi-channel marketing plan. Our main goal is to help you grow your business while building trust and creating meaningful conversations with your customers. 

Join the conversation in our community for helpful tips and advice from other ManyChat users. Or, go multi-channel with ManyChat.

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