6 Facebook Messenger Bot Tips to Grow Your Hair Salon

messenger bot tips for hair salons

Growing your hair salon clientele can feel like an uphill battle. After all, there are many options out there, and the competition can be tough.

Your salon needs a marketing tactic to set it apart, and a Messenger bot could be just the thing. Messenger apps are personal and marketer-friendly—they’re also growing very quickly, with more monthly active users than social networks. 

Here are the top six tips you need to know as you begin using a Facebook Messenger bot to help expand your salon clientele.

Go Live

Use ManyChat to connect your Facebook Live comments to your bot. Next time you’re having a Livestream to announce a new promo or to show off a client’s gorgeous new balayage, any comments left on your video will immediately get a response from your chatbot. No need for clients to wait around for you to see their question; instead, they can quickly receive answers to basic questions such as “How much does this service cost?” and “What are your hours?” It’s a win-win for everyone.

Be Upfront About What Makes You Special

Every salon has something unique: Maybe you have an awesome loyalty program, you give the best blowouts in town, or one of your stylists offers wedding makeup as an added bonus. Figure out what makes you stand out, and then market those features.

As soon as you begin talking to potential customers, let them know what you have to offer. Mention your big selling point in your initial message:

Hi! Thanks for contacting XYZ Salon. How can we help you today? By the way, did you know that with just THREE nail services you can get a 20% off coupon? ? Ask about our FREE loyalty program when you pop in.

After that, include your buttons or auto-responses.

Use Buttons

To save both yourself and your clients some time, create a button to give them the information that you are constantly asked about, making it easy for people to immediately get the information they want. Receiving a comprehensive price list for your services with just one click is much more convenient than waiting on the phone to find out what you charge for a mani/pedi. 

If you have an online booking service, you can also add a button to schedule an appointment—another way to save you some valuable time.

Use Emojis, Images, and GIFs

Emojis make conversations more informal, and Facebook messenger isn’t formal at all—think of it as a friendly chat. GIFs and images can give your client interactions humor and a human touch, keeping things conversational even in an automated message. Potential customers will relax, feel at home, and be more inclined to come into your salon to meet your stylists’ friendly smiles in person.

Collect Phone Number and Emails

One of the most exciting parts about using your own Messenger bot is the ability to easily collect phone numbers and emails. You can then send text messages to customers for appointment reminders, to answer questions, and even send beauty tips and news. It’s a great way to build closer ties with your clients and stay top of mind when they need their next cut and color.

Delay Messages

Include a slight delay between messages; two to three seconds is considered conversational. You don’t want to blow up somebody’s phone with rapid-fire message responses.

Follow these tips and you’ll see how using a Facebook Messenger bot will effectively market your salon and grow your clientele.

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