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Use code igsummit23 to claim Manychat Pro FREE for 30 days* for one account! *Valid for new accounts only

Instagram DM Automation Hot Seat

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Written by Kassandra Keeton

Instagram DM Automation is one of the most powerful tools to put your sales, marketing, and customer service on autopilot with a host of features designed to make doing business over Instagram simple.

As part of our expert series leading up to Instagram Summit 2022 (and one of our community’s most-requested topics) our Manychat experts sliced, diced, and gave improvements for submitted Instagram DM Automation flows – LIVE!

In this webinar, our featured experts - Trilce Jiron Garro and Mackensie Liberman - join forces to deliver specialist, proven advice to supercharge submitted Instagram DM Automation flows.

At the end of this special replay, you’ll walk away with the essential Manychat tactics to help you save time, boost sales, generate more quality leads, and increase productivity. You could see your revenue soar with just a few tweaks to your existing strategies! 💪

New to Manychat? Get started for free today to test out the features, automate your FAQs, turn more conversations into conversions (and bring in those dollars!). 🤑


Trilce Jirón Garro photo

Trilce Jirón Garro

CEO of TBS Marketing. Trilce Jirón Garro, founder and CEO of TBS Marketing in Costa Rica, designed Interdepartmental Marketing, or FRANK System. By providing communication channels that include both the client’s staff and top-tier managers, and uniting graphic design, marketing, sales, and customer support under one umbrella, she can brag about her company’s unbelievable results and 100% retention rate.

Mackensie Libermano photo

Mackensie Libermano

CEO of Orca Marketology. Mackensie Liberman is one of the top experts in chatbots since 2017 having created chat marketing systems for a wide variety of business niches, from local brick and mortar businesses to multi-million dollar coaches, e-commerce stores, NFT companies, and more! She thoroughly enjoys building chatbots and sharing her knowledge with others.

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