How to Get Prepared for Messenger Updates with Manychat

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Written by Fara Rosenzweig

Don’t panic! The changes Messenger by Facebook recently implemented to its Terms of Service are designed to make it better. Understanding what these changes are is the key to ensuring your business’s messages continue to stand out and deliver results. Toby Awalt, Manychat’s Product Marketing Manager, walks Manychatters through the changes and how they can be used to drive sales.


Terms of Service are always changing, especially Messenger. Manychat’s team is here to help. Toby’s insightful overview covers:

  • The new 24-hour messaging window and how to use it to your advantage

  • 4 message tags you’ll need to use when contacting subscribers outside of the 24-hour window

  • One-time-notifications (OTNs) that your subscribers can use to opt-in to additional messaging

  • SMS and email channel solutions that offer a useful alternative to Messenger


  • 0:00: Welcome Manychatters!

  • 0:55: What exactly is going on?

  • 2:37: 24-hour messaging window

  • 5:39: Compliance messaging (We’ve got your back!)

  • 7:05: One-time notifications

  • 12:17: Sponsored messages

  • 15:30: Going omnichannel

  • 18:00: Using SMS and email

  • 20:57: Getting consent

  • 25:24: Manychat Game Plan

  • 28:06: Customer Success Stories

  • 29:51: Q&A

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