How to Acquire Free Messenger Subscribers to Increase Sales and Automate Your Customer Support

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Written by Fara Rosenzweig


  • General intro to Manychat

  • Understand the reasoning for Chat Marketing in your business

  • Create the first free campaign to generate contacts, building your list through customer support

  • Learn Live Chat workflows (notify admin, open and assign conversation, installing widget)

  • The Customer Support/FAQ Template

The Hosts

Gustavo Boregio is the founder of, a leading Chat Marketing Academy for Manychat's Spanish speaking professionals. He works with dozens of clients through Chat Blender and his own agency. With his background in engineering and marketing, Gustavo helps his clients unleash the full potential of Manychat with advanced strategies that get results.

Stephen Bradeen is the co-founder of a chat marketing implementation hub for agencies, e-commerce, and some other businesses. He has coached an elite chat marketing training called, The Bot Academy, for years and has been featured in Manychat case studies. He is one of the top certified experts in our directory.

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