[Case Study] How Luis Balaguer Increased One Restaurant’s ROAS by 317% with ManyChat

Restaurant Marketing Strategy Case Study

Luis Balaguer is the Founder of 15Element, a marketing company that helps businesses from Canada to Panama, and all the way to Spain, enhance user experience, increase foot traffic, and improve return on ad spend (ROAS).

And he loves ManyChat — a lot.

After using it for only two months, his new burger joint client saw a 317.53% increase in ROAS with the help of ManyChat.

Curious how he did it?

Scroll on to hear his story.

One big problem with traditional restaurant marketing

In March 2019, Luis decided to try ManyChat’s Messenger Marketing platform for his burger joint client in Guadalajara, Mexico. They traditionally relied on getting emails from customers via in-store and online forms, which in a rapidly changing space like restaurants, are tired and ineffective. It was essentially a failed experiment:

  • Customers were discovering the restaurant through word of mouth and friends recommendation — their online presence was lacking.
  • The restaurant owner couldn’t tell who redeemed an offer and who didn’t. All promotional efforts were a shot in the dark, basically brand awareness.
  • They were up against competitors — and needed to find a way to make their restaurant stand out.
  • They used a mix of Facebook and email marketing but were faced with less than desired results.
  • The restaurant faced adoption challenges for new software. Luis needed a platform that was easy-to-use, flexible and proved ROI.

Restaurant owners were pretty blind to user activity before ManyChat. Everything you did online was just brand awareness. It was near impossible to keep to get customer information in a restaurant. Even if you did get an email address — you’d average a 15% open rate if lucky”.

One approach that drives tangible results

Luis implemented his ManyChat bot and the results were not only immediate but impactful.

  • ROAS jumped 317.53% compared to previous ads
  • Total subscribers also grew from 0 to 5,709 and organic reach was trending higher
  • Total redemptions in 3 months also jumped to 1,136
  • The burger joint is on track to do over $4,100,000 MXN in sales by end of 2019

A repeatable restaurant marketing strategy to attract more customers

Before using ManyChat, Luis already knew his goal was to give customers what they needed, instantly. There just wasn’t a way to deliver on it.

He used ManyChat’s suite of Messenger Marketing tools to execute a data-driven strategy that skyrocketed their fanbase and drove ROI for the burger joint.

Here’s how he did it:

1. Luis used professional #FoodPorn photos of burgers, hot dogs, friends, shakes and “all the good stuff”. The customers commented and liked the eye-catching photos, it drove both paid and organic engagement.

Social Media Driven Restaurant Marketing Strategy

2. People who subscribed to the bot were given one offer. After redemption, they received another offer in Messenger. The simplicity of redemption drove repeat visits from customers and helped the restaurant better track offers.  

3. Automated sequences were designed to answer common queries found in the ManyChat platform. The restaurant no longer spent time and resources answering repetitive questions.

4. Potential customers can type “menu” in the chat window and see one in seconds, enticing them to come down and eat

“People are ready to go to your restaurant. You have to give them what they want, the moment that they want it. As marketers, our goal is to bring people to the restaurant, make sure they have a great time, and bring them back for more. ManyChat makes acquiring and retaining customers easy and impactful for everyone.”

Want to improve your restaurant marketing strategy like Luis? Sign up for a free ManyChat account and start building your bot today!

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