How to Build a Gamified Mother’s Day Bot

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Parenting may not be easy, but being a mom is highly rewarding.

It’s that time of the year when we take a moment to celebrate all the moms this Mother’s Day season. 

As you build out different Mother’s Day campaigns for your online shop, we thought it would be fun to walk you through how you can build a gamified Mother’s Day bot: the what-kind-of-mom-you-are Mother’s Day personality quiz. It’s a fun, unique way to interact with your customers while learning more about them.  

You can take these principles and apply them anywhere: build customer relationships, convert leads, or use them to collect customer info.

Step-by-Step Guide to Build a Gamified Mother’s Day Bot

We’re going to build a “for fun” flow for our favorite pizza shop, Slice of Heaven. At the end of a brief quiz, the user will be matched to a pop-culture mom and a specific pizza. Then, they’ll get a link to the recipe, and have the option of picking up the ingredients (dough, sauce, toppings) directly from the restaurant instead. Yeast and flour are weirdly hard to find these days, right? We’ll include an OTN (or one-time notification) at the end as well. 

You could build something similar without the quiz and directly provide folks recipes and ordering. The idea here is to boost engagement and show a little personality.

Part 1 – Setting Up the Custom Fields

Create a new Custom Field: “Mom Quiz Score” that’s a Number type. You’ll also need to create custom fields for each question. 

Then we’ll go create our flow. Mother’s Day Quiz. In the first message block, we’ll introduce people to the experience. So we write, “Are you ready to find out what pop culture mom you are? Take this quick quiz to find out, and be paired with the ideal pizza match. We’re sure you can’t wait.”

Part 2 – Conditional Logic and Questions

The first question is a User input feature: ‘Where would you want to live?’. Then add multiple-choice answers for the user input. You’ll need to match this question with its corresponding Custom User Field. 

Each possible response gets a score between 1 and 4. That value gets added to the quiz total Custom Field. In the end, tabulate up the score, and depending on the total, the user gets assigned a particular pop culture mom.

manychat custom fields

Next, connect every action from the first question to the second question. 

Part 3 – Tabulating

After the final question, have the bot pretend to be thinking. Give it a 2 to 3 seconds delay before providing an answer. Here’s what to do: 

  1. Set up a condition for the quiz total. 
  2. If the quiz total meets certain conditions then send a result
  3. If no, then run the next condition.
manychat condition feature

Go down the line and set up outcomes for each possibility (and mom).

ManyChat flow

Outcomes by Score

  • Peggy Bundy (7-14)
  • Marge Simpson (15-21)
  • Amy Matthews (22-28)
  • Vivian Banks (36-42)

If the user scores between a 7 and 14, they’re paired with Peggy Bundy, who is truly Ed Bundy’s better half. Who remembers when she killed Fabio with too many bonbons?

Between 15 and 21, it’s Marge Simpson. While she epitomizes the suburban housewife ideal, she hasn’t been afraid to branch out. She’s started her own business, join the police force, and much, much more.

From 22 to 28, it’s Amy Matthews from Boy Meets World. She was a very Leave-It-To-Beaver sort of character, but she always kept her cool when her kids caused trouble. She was there for her loved ones.

From 29 to 35, we have Vivian Banks from Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. This is season one through three Vivian. She had a Ph.D. and wasn’t afraid to speak her mind. 

Part 4 – Matching to Recipes

Now, tie the results to a business outcome. So, connect each pop culture mom with a particular pizza and recipe. You can offer downloadable PDF recipes or have them click a link to that recipe.

Next, the bot will ask the user if they’d rather pick up all the ingredients directly from the restaurant itself. It’ll be an opportunity to collect a phone number, and then prompt them to call the restaurant directly to make this happen. 

Part 5 – Tutorial Conclusion

Now you have a full-functioning personality-type quiz, that guides users through to unique outcomes, and an opportunity for Slice of Heaven to make some dough. Pun intended!

Want to see what kind of mom you are? Or, just want to check out the quiz? Click here

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