Fitness Chatbot Case Study: How Fit N Simple Generated 1,545,246+ Subscribers with ManyChat

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Fit N Simple helps gym-goers achieve their fitness goals by providing daily workouts via Messenger Marketing. Founder Austin Witte implemented ManyChat to improve engagement, and soon after, saw a significant jump in subscribers, and an increase in response rates and social followers across networks.

Declining Social Reach and Email Rates

The fitness market is an oversaturated space in the social stratosphere. If you need the numbers for convincing, here’s a fact: it’s a $30Bn industry. So it comes as no surprise Fit N Simple struggled to get the word out on their daily workout plans and fitness tips in the beginning.

Fit N Simple’s Founder Austin Witte still remembers the struggle of trying to cut through the noise in his industry. “We were mostly on Instagram, which you know, you don’t own that property. There are only direct messages and people commenting on your posts to engage with”.

In a crowded space like health and fitness, it was clear that his current approach was not enough to deliver the results he needed.

Email open rates were declining, along with an organic reach below 10% on Instagram. But Austin knew a more personalized and real-time interaction would better engage his audience, and help him deliver more workouts. So off he went in search to find the best fitness chat app for his company.  

Discovering the Power of Fitness Chatbots

During his search, Austin found that other Facebook Messenger bots were “too complicated for what I needed.”  He had experience building out email and other marketing campaigns, but never knew how to code.

It was apparent that ManyChat was his go-to choice. “Everything was pretty easy to get started” because there was no coding involved —  perfect. And he figured why not test ManyChat to deliver his workouts first and see what happens.

Austin created an interactive Physique Builder Quiz to gather more information about subscribers, right in Messenger.

The quiz gave his company 5 unique data points including subscribers’ #1 fitness goal, what stops them from reaching it, where they work out, what days they work out, and even their preferred time to workout.

ManyChat’s Flow Builder allowed him to map out and guide the user flow from start to finish.

“Flow Builder was a game changer for me. When you have hundreds of thousands of subscribers, it’s hard to deliver a customized message. ManyChat’s features made sure my subscribers had a real, personalized experience.”

He was then able to deliver customized plans around the time a user would head to the gym. And if users had a question about the workout, they can tap into a “How-To” right from Messenger.

It was essential for Austin to provide a personalized experience through and through, and ManyChat helped them get there.

From Daily Workouts to Paid Subscription… And More

The results? Fit N Simple’s daily workouts quickly gained traction.

They added over a thousand subscribers to in one month. The fitness company was having real conversations with real people, and they were loving the service. Then six months later, 100,000 subscribers.

In just over one year and a half, Fit N Simple has grown to over 1,545,246 subscribers and counting. The company is now getting ready to launch a paid subscription app for users, social following has increased by 37,700+ across channels, and organic site traffic has increased by an additional 10,000 users per month.

ManyChat has helped them open up new channels for growth, spend less time on impersonal interactions, and more time having real conversations with real people.

But most importantly, deliver a better customer experience for hundreds of thousands of subscribers at once.

Want to grow your subscriber list like wildfire? Create your free ManyChat account and build your fitness bot today.

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