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Free email for business

Since the outset of the pandemic, unemployment numbers have increased leading many to dip their toes into self-employed waters. 

Though starting a small business is exciting, it certainly has its challenges. Luckily, plenty of solopreneurs have seen success, even during tough economic times, by leveling up their education game. 

Just like playing a sport, solving math problems, writing stories, or creating art, business skills take time and practice to master — and you don’t need to attend an expensive business school or professional certification program either. 

One of the best ways to launch your business is to study the experiences of others. Start your learning process with the following free email newsletters.

Product Hunt Daily

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Product Hunt is an online community for makers and creators to announce their businesses on; and people from around the world use the platform to share what they’re building. By following Product Hunt, you’ll gain a great understanding of the new business landscape, as well as learn about a variety of new companies that might even be within your industry. 

As a valuable source of inspiration, Product Hunt maintains daily and weekly newsletters that share a curated list of new businesses’ and their products. Subscribe to this newsletter for inspiring product ideas, and a bit of insight to help get you started.

Free email for business
Image Source: Product Hunt

MarketingProfs Today

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MarketingProfs is an online school that specializes in digital marketing education. In addition to offering training, the company maintains a newsletter with a backlog that dates back to 2001. 

This newsletter can help you get more comfortable with and implementing social media, marketing campaigns, advertisements, and content. And if you feel like taking a deeper dive into a particular topic, enroll in a class for even more learning opportunities.

Free email for business
Image Source: Marketing Profs


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Startups is a resource devoted to people who are building their businesses the hard way. Its digital magazine, online community, and collection of tools are designed  for business owners navigating challenging questions. Topics include emotional intelligence, validating a business idea, overcoming obstacles, and getting traction around an idea.

Drawing from real-life inspiration, the platform’s successful CEO and founder overcame his own obstacles  to start his company, with one of his goals being to help people start businesses outside of Silicon Valley.

The company maintains a free newsletter, designed as an educational experience for subscribers.

Free email for business
Image Source: Startups

Shopify Blog

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Shopify is a world-leading technology platform that helps people start, manage, and grow their eCommerce businesses. The company publishes its content with the goal of helping entrepreneurs launch and grow their online stores.

The resource includes interviews with successful founders, as well as insights on specific eCommerce concepts, and is a comprehensive tool that anyone can use to self-educate their way to get their small business off the ground.

Shopify has spent years building this resource and maintains a substantial education budget, with the goal of enriching their community’s knowledge base.

Free email for business
Image Source: Shopify

Zapier Blog

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Zapier is a technology company that specializes in workflow automations for software, and runs a blog devoted to productivity.

The key to running a successful digital business is to streamline mentally-intensive tasks. Upon reading this resource, you’ll learn how to work more efficiently in order to free up your mind to problem solve and work on more creative tasks. You’ll also build the technical know-how necessary to use software to its full potential.

Free email for business
Image Source: Zapier


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IdeaMensch is a publication that collects and publishes interviews with entrepreneurs with the goal to help business owners collect wisdom from people of all backgrounds and experiences.

IdeaMensch asks business owners a standard set of interview questions — as you can may imagine, answers tend to vary — with the idea being everyone has a unique story and path in starting their business.

Free email for business

First Round Review

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First Round Capital is a venture capital firm that invests in businesses, providing funding to promising startups. In addition, the company maintains a publication that highlights successful founders and the decisions they’re making to take their companies further.

The resource specializes in sharing frameworks, surfacing behind-the-scenes stories, and illuminating case studies about business operations.

Free email for business
Image Source: First Round Review


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Courier is a business publication run by the team at MailChimp — an email marketing company — that’s devoted to helping people find more meaning in their lives and careers.

The publication strives to instill that life should be integrated, and that entrepreneurship gives people the freedom to live life on their own terms.

The team at Courier operates a podcast, newsletter, and digital magazine. 

Free email for business
Image Source: Courier


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GrowthLab is a publication that helps entrepreneurs get started and think bigger. This resource’s goal is to help people level up their thinking and push themselves to expand their business worldview to “think big.”

A key theme found on GrowthLab is doing more with less. So if you’re just starting out, making a pivot, or looking to expand your platform, this resource will help you take your first steps.

Free email for business
Image Source: GrowthLab

Lioness Magazine

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Lioness Magazine is a publication devoted to helping woman entrepreneurs find their stride, and  focuses on topics that are particularly relevant to women of color — although all audiences are welcome to read, participate, and share feedback.

Topics are practical, relevant, and down to earth. Topics range from avoiding burnout to decreasing the gender gap, publishing resources about COVID-19, and sharing investment news.

Free email for business
Source: Lioness Magazine

Women 2.0

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Women 2.0 is a publication and community devoted to empowering women in their entrepreneurial goals and careers, and offers educational material for founders building businesses. Women 2.0 also maintains a venture fund for women-led companies seeking investment.

Free email for business
Image Source: Women 2.0

The Hustle

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The Hustle is a media company committed to making business information accessible. In addition to hosting an annual conference and podcast, The Hustle sends out daily educational emails meant for readers interested in analyzing commercial trends that trickle down to small businesses. 

This resource is valuable for individuals looking to improve and strengthen their economic education, as well as gain insights through a  big-picture perspective.

Image Source: The Hustle

CB Insights

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CB Insights is a platform that provides insightful and important data for corporations and venture capital firms. Gathering some of the most valuable information on the planet, the team at CB Insights packages it up to create a daily email list.

This newsletter is valuable for entrepreneurs studying trends in the global financial market. If you are looking to learn what the world’s investors have on their minds, this resource is for you.

Free email for business
Image Source: CB Insights


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