5 Facebook Ad Marketing Tips

facebook ad marketing

Did you know chatbots aren’t just for Messenger? Your bot can be used to create Facebook ads, too. Since 26 percent of Facebook users who clicked on ads reported making a purchase, ads can be an important and effective way to get more sales. While sponsored ads appear in a user’s Messenger inbox, click-to-messenger ads include a CTA where a user can click the button and start chatting with a bot, creating engagement from the start. 

Here are a few key tips to create Facebook ads with chatbots.

Be Interesting, Not Committal

When you’re creating the ad button, make it interesting, but don’t be too sales-y upfront. Your goal is to get customers into a conversation. Once they’ve begun interacting with the bot, you can hook them with a link to a blog or sale (“Click here for a coupon!” or “How much will you save?” or “Send me the secrets”). Just don’t bring out the sales pitch right away, or the person might turn and run.

Define Your Target Audience

This is a basic tip, but it’s one that many brands struggle with, so it warrants repeating (especially because, for ads, Facebook tends to default to “everyone in the U.S. from age 18-99,” which is much too large). 

It can be tough to make sure your target audience isn’t too broad, but that it isn’t too narrow, either. A good sweet spot is to define a hobby, location, age, and gender, if applicable, of your target audience. If you’re promoting a deal on board games, your audience might be 14 to 50-year-olds anywhere in the U.S. of any gender who have listed interests in board games, Dungeons and Dragons, and role-playing.

Making sure your target audience is the right size can help you reach the people you need to reach and not waste time on others.


Did someone recently interact with you? If so, re-engage to remind them about your brand through chatbot ads, which can target people who have recently interacted with you. Don’t overdo things, but this can be a great chance to offer a special coupon code or something else to draw those people back to your business. 

Be Friendly

Like everything else you produce, your Facebook ads should match your brand voice, and they should also be friendly. People are turned off by stuffiness, so keep things light and conversational. Guide the customer toward what you want — visiting your website or store to check out your products and services, for example — but do it in a fun way.

Include An Image

Multimedia on social is always a good idea; posts with images get much more interaction than posts without. A photo is a great way to give people a snazzy visual of your product. 

For best results, you’ll also want to use images with faces if possible (these get much more engagement), keep your image completely free of text or only use a brief message, and use a simple, uncluttered image to get the point across as fast as possible. 

You can have fun with the colors in your photos or graphics, too. For instance, red gives a sense of urgency and is often associated with clearance sales, while black is a powerful color that’s recognized as elegant or luxurious. 

Follow these tips, and be prepared to see more results from your Facebook chatbot ads.

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