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The Chat Agency

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The Chat Agency


Founded by Chat marketing expert Paul Baron, the future of marketing is conversational, and as such we create conversations and build communities of influencers leveraging chat to <span style="color:orangered;font-weight: 900;">increase your conversions.</span> <br /><br /> We are deep in the Amazon seller community and leverage our first-hand knowledge of running 7-figure eCommerce brands for the benefit of our partner clients. <br /><br /> If you're sick of running the rebate treadmill and ready to build a real brand, with real followers so you can successfully launch products profitably with confidence, let's connect. <br /><br />Need reviews? Don't worry we pioneered the #1 method all chatbot builders use to garner more high-quality reviews Amazon listings... our methods are above-board, in alignment with Amazon's TOS- I can't guarantee that the others are TOS-compliant or not, so why risk using any other service? <br /><br /> As the first in the industry to educate sellers and marketers on how to leverage Messenger for Amazon sales, chances are anyone out there in the Amazon chatbot space has learned from us at one point in time or another; so, why hire them when you could go straight to the creative source?


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