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Instagram Automation is available for Instagram accounts who have between 1,000-100,000 followers. Sign up for a ManyChat account today!

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Product discovery happens on Instagram

89% of Instagram users have bought something they first saw on the platform. Close the sale with ManyChat by handling customer inquiries. Drive sales and meaningful relationships on Instagram.

Manage the Sales Funnel

Instagram users message businesses pre and post sale with product and support questions. Handle Instagram conversations inside ManyChat. Tag conversations with key information to understand user context and drive the sale.

Resolve Questions Quickly and Boost Customer Satisfaction

Automate answers to common questions and customer concerns. Escalate high-priority issues to live agents and assign conversations to team members.  Capture impulse-purchase intent and respond to customers quickly.

Combine Instagram with Messenger and WhatsApp

Build customer relationships via Instagram. Use ManyChat for additional channels, like Messenger, WhatsApp, SMS, and email. Meet customers where they scroll and maximize customer engagement.

Get Product Context from Shops

If Instagram users message you from Shops on Instagram, see which product they’re talking about. Knowing the product context, respond quickly, automate replies, or assign the conversation to a live agent.

Instagram Automation by ManyChat is available for Instagram accounts that have between 1,000-100,000 followers. If you currently aren’t eligible, create a test Instagram account, which will give you early access to Instagram Automation. Read the instructions on how to do that below.

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ManyChat Features

Do your best with Instagram and ManyChat


Build personalized conversations FAST inside a flowchart based interface. Customize text, media, and destinations, like a website or IG Shops, and instantly launch chat experiences with no code.


Trigger messages, entire conversations and business automations if an IG users messages you with a specific, pre-determined keyword or phrase. This is really helpful in starting conversations from IG Stories.

Comments Automation

Reply to IG Post comments with your own comment, like a user’s comment, AND send that user a message, all automatically, all instantly. Comments Automations are great for extending customer engagement beyond just a ❤️.

Story Mentions Trigger

Instantly reply to everyone who mentions your account in a Story. Send just a thank you message, start an entire automated conversation, or just trigger a business automation.

Conversation Starters

Help new customers, who have never messaged your account before, start a conversation about a specific topic. Conversation Starters are great for providing answers to frequently asked questions, like “Do you offer free shipping?”

Capture User Information

Capture and store critical user information, like emails or phone numbers and store them in ManyChat’s CRM. Automatically capture this user-provided information as a natural part of the conversation and use it to personalize your communication.

Live Chat

We love automation, but there’s always a good reason to have a real-time conversation with customers. Set up an unlimited number of team members on Live Chat so they chat one-on-one with Instagram users. Use LiveChat on desktop or our mobile app!

Integrations you love

Integrate Instagram, via ManyChat, with popular platforms like Shopify, MailChimp, GoogleSheets, Klaviyo, Zapier and more. Check out our integrations page here.


We’ve Got Your Back

Our customer support and extensive library of best practices, guides, and tutorials are there to get you started on Messenger, while you wait for Instagram. If you need an extra hand, we have over 600 advanced agency partners and 80,000 community experts ready to help

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