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ManyChat Features

Do your best with Instagram and ManyChat

Flow Builder

Build personalized conversations FAST inside a flowchart based interface. Customize text, media, and destinations, like a website or IG Shops, and instantly launch chat experiences with no code.


Trigger messages, entire conversations and business automations if an IG users messages you with a specific, pre-determined keyword or phrase. This is really helpful in starting conversations from IG Stories.

Comments Automation

Reply to IG Post comments with your own comment, like a user’s comment, AND send that user a message, all automatically, all instantly. Comments Automations are great for extending customer engagement beyond just a ❤️.

Story Mentions Trigger

Instantly reply to everyone who mentions your account in a Story. Send just a thank you message, start an entire automated conversation, or just trigger a business automation.

Conversation Starters

Help new customers, who have never messaged your account before, start a conversation about a specific topic. Conversation Starters are great for providing answers to frequently asked questions, like “Do you offer free shipping?”

Capture User Information

Capture and store critical user information, like emails or phone numbers and store them in ManyChat’s CRM. Automatically capture this user-provided information as a natural part of the conversation and use it to personalize your communication.

Live Chat

We love automation, but there’s always a good reason to have a real-time conversation with customers. Set up an unlimited number of team members on Live Chat so they chat one-on-one with Instagram users. Use LiveChat on desktop or our mobile app!

Integrations you love

Integrate Instagram, via ManyChat, with popular platforms like Shopify, MailChimp, GoogleSheets, Klaviyo, Zapier and more. Check out our integrations page here.


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I work for a business in the cosmetics space, and we use ManyChat to help attract leads, educate them on current products and trends through quizzes and tools, and then convert them through directing them to our sales channels.

James King, Digital Marketing Manager, Benefit Cosmetics

ManyChat is an official partner of Facebook and Instagram

Instagram DM Automation is 100% Instagram approved and safe to use!

Increase product sales

Help customers find the right product inside Instagram DMs. Automatically answer product questions, create product quizzes, and send customers to the point of purchase.

Generate qualified leads

Save time by qualifying leads with automated conversations. Collect and store emails and phone numbers. Jump in where needed and speak with qualified leads in real-time.

Increase engagement

Boost your follower count, comments, and reactions by running messaging-powered campaigns, like giveaways, promotions, and contests. Make it really easy for customers to start conversations with you and ensure they get a response.

Deliver instant support

Increase customer satisfaction and save your team time by automating customer support answers. Respond to FAQs with pre-built answers, capture support information from customers, and notify your team to chat live if needed.

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Automatically send an instant DM to any commenter or story mention with a pre-set welcome message, offer, or link.

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Find campaign inspiration and best practices for Instagram Automation. Hire an agency if you’re looking to scale fast.

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