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Trusted by 1M+ Businesses

Manychat has changed the game for my business and the way we show up online! It's allowed me to get more direct results from social media and show up and serve my followers on a whole new level. This is a must-have for creators and entrepreneurs. Seriously a game-changer!

@jennakutcher, 1m Followers Digital marketing expert

Manychat solved low engagement on my Instagram posts (our comments went from about 50 per post to sometimes over 800!). It also helped my team cut down on their customer support time in the DMs. It’s a time-saving assistant that you should have in your back pocket. There isn't a huge learning curve, and you'll quickly see how much time you'll get back.

@elisedarma, 185K followers Instagram Expert

Manychat makes the transition of sending my audience from Instagram to the desired destination as seamless as possible, increasing the engagement with the extra comments. I was able to land 1000+ subscribers to my YouTube channel, and more than 3000 comments on a single post! For creators above 10k followers, Manychat is a MUST., 439K Followers Founder & CEO of Simply Digital

Manychat has helped me free up dozens of hours in my schedule and get back my freedom. The time it has given me back is astronomically higher than anything else I've used in my business. I can also sell without feeling "salesy". Using Manychat, I generated $135,000 from 2 posts.

@marketingharry, 324K Followers Social Media Expert
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Transform the way you promote, launch, and sell on social media

Better than the link in bio

Boost your conversions and generate leads using DMs: Directly send automated updates, product links, and more. Engage and follow up seamlessly without redirecting them off Instagram.

Respond to every comment on autopilot

Deliver fast, automated responses 24/7 using Manychat. It costs less than a virtual assistant, captures your unique brand voice, and never forgets to respond.

Amplify your engagement

Auto-respond to every comment and story mention - and watch as your engagement skyrockets. Creators have experienced jumps from 50 to more than 800 comments per post. Plus, quick automated responses boost your post to the top of IG's algorithm.

Build your list on your terms

Collect email addresses and phone numbers from your followers to build a list that you own. Manychat gives you the tools to cultivate and communicate with your audience on your own terms, without relying on IG algorithms.

Grow your followers without extra posts

Automated replies to every comment and message increase your engagement levels faster than you could imagine. This transforms the IG algorithm into your biggest cheerleader, showing your content to an ever-growing new audience as your follower count rises day by day!

Stop wasting time on repetitive DMs

Dealing with similar DMs and comments? Let automation handle the repetition, so you can free up valuable hours in your day. It's no wonder creators call Manychat the ultimate time-saving sidekick in your back pocket.

No tech experience? No worries — let our AI Assistant help

Our intuitive AI Assistant can generate an Instagram chatbot conversation in minutes.

Amplify every action using IG DM Marketing

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Trusted by 1M+ brands

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