3 Reasons You Must Attend Conversations 2020 If You Run a Marketing Agency

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If you feel like you’ve plateaued in your Chat Marketing strategy or don’t even know where to begin then you should attend Conversations 2020 — the leading virtual event that showcases winning marketing tactics to bulletproof your business. 

Conversations 2020 delivers an unbelievable value to agencies, offering a carefully curated agenda that showcases success stories and use cases, as well as insider knowledge that isn’t found anywhere else.

Conversations is known for providing little-known industry strategies and tactics to help build a six-figure agency and helps agency owners go from good marketers to sought-after experts, leapfrogging over competitors.

The agenda includes sessions handpicked for agency owners who:

  • Don’t know a thing about running a Chat Marketing agency.
  • Have made some good chatbots, but are ready to level up their strategy.
  • Are somewhere in “limbo” with their agency and are looking for a way to outsmart the competition with a new marketing service. 

If you’re still not convinced, here are the top three reasons you need to attend Conversations 2020.

Reason no. 1: The blueprint to scale your agency

At Conversations, you’ll discover the action plan you need to scale your agency. You’ll learn from fresh faces as well as the biggest names in digital marketing today, including access to Orca Marketology founder Mackensie Liberman’s ultimate blueprint, which gives you strategies to build your list and maximize your reach (without breaking a single Facebook Messenger rule).

Reason no. 2: Get under the hood of expert’s chatbots

If you’re already running Chat Marketing campaigns for clients, Conversations provides the opportunity to learn if your chatbot is being utilized to its full potential through sessions that cover bot-building fundamentals, Manychat’s features, and deep dives into the Chat Marketing revolution with product masterclasses. 

Watch as experts, like School of Bots co-founder Natasha Takahashi, take you under the hood of their chatbots and guide you, step-by-step, on how to build a bot from scratch so it generates results on the first go.

Reason no.3: Access to money-can’t-buy templates and freebies

Conversations speakers will be giving away invaluable templates, checklists, cheat sheets, and more, in their 100% virtual, interactive sessions. Some speakers have worked tirelessly for months on their freebies alone, all of which are valued at over $15,000.

Conversations 2020 is an incredible investment in not only your future but the future of your agency.

Grab your ticket today and join us at Conversations 2020 on October 6-8! 

More About Our Speakers

Some of the biggest names in marketing, including Daymond John, Neil Patel, Billy Gene, Molly Pittman, Jasmine Star, Ryan Deiss, and many more, are part of our all-star assembly for Conversations 2020.

View our full line-up of speakers here

More About Conversations 2020

Conversations is the largest Chat Marketing conference in the world that unites 5,000+ marketers from over 40 countries who are shaping the future of Chat Marketing.

This #1 virtual event will be showcasing winning tactics on how to grow your business online with sessions dedicated to agency growth and success.

You’ll get 30+ breakthrough sessions designed for coaches, consultants, digital agencies, Amazon and Shopify sellers, and more, as well as $15,000 worth of templates and practical workshops. 

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