Written by Andrey Lipkovskiy

August 24, 2017

Article from Harvard Business Review.

In the world of marketing, brand anthropomorphism can be a powerful mechanism for connecting with consumers. It’s the tactic of giving brand symbols people-like characteristics: Think of Tony the Tiger and the Michelin Man. Today some companies are taking brand anthropomorphism to a whole new level with sophisticated AI technologies.

H. James Wilson is Managing Director of Information Technology & Business Research at Accenture Research. Wilson is coauthor with Paul Daugherty of a book on AI to be published by HBR Press in 2018.

Paul Daugherty is the chief technology officer of Accenture, based in New York City. Daugherty is coauthor with H. James Wilson of a book on AI to be published by HBR Press in 2018.

Nicola Morini Bianzino is the Global Lead of the Artificial Intelligence practice at Accenture.

Illustration: Cat Yu for HBR.

When AI Becomes the New Face of Your Brand

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