Spooky Instagram Templates for Your Halloween Campaigns

Instagram Halloween Templates

Today, there are more than 1 billion active Instagram users worldwide. The social media platform has gone from a niche photo-sharing app to a marketing mecca for brands and creators, which is why we’re proud to be one of its official partners (and an official Facebook partner, too!).

In June, we launched features specific to Instagram DM Automation by ManyChat, including Comments Automation, Story Mentions trigger, and Conversation Starters. Today, we’re sharing free Instagram templates you can download to use in your Halloween marketing campaigns.  

Benefits of using templates

If you’ve used a template of any kind, you’ve experienced the benefits firsthand. Using a ManyChat template for an Instagram marketing campaign will:

  • Save time. There’s no need to start from scratch if there’s a template you can edit to suit your needs. 
  • Instantly recreate commonly-used interactions. You can install the entire template or just use the sections you want. 
  • Better serve the end-user. A template leaves less room for error, resulting in a better user experience. 
  • Provide marketing inspiration. Seeing available templates may spark an idea for your next social media marketing campaign.

If you’re new to using a ManyChat template, take a quick look at this video guide on installing them. 

Available ManyChat templates

We have several templates you can immediately access that will help you achieve specific business goals. Here are some of the most popular:

  • Abandoned cart recovery –Send a reminder via Messenger or SMS to potential customers who’ve left a full cart. The template has an opt-in for initial and follow-up messages. 
  • Sales and opt-in promotions – This template includes a flow for customers to opt in for sales and promotion notifications along with a Black Friday flow. 
  • Out of stock – Send customers here when an item sells out. Collect their information so they can get an alert when the item is restocked. 
  • Facebook ads – Use this template to turn ad clicks into long-term relationships. Deliver a coupon and quickly capture contact information to encourage return customers.
  • Lead magnet – Send content to your customers instantly through Messenger and email. Collect contact information if you don’t already have it so you can keep in touch across channels.

Download Halloween templates

Ready to get into the Halloween spirit and download our Halloween templates? Let’s go! 

Once you click Download, you’ll see our spooky templates for:

  • A Halloween Giveaway Flow
  • Costume/Pumpkin Carving Competition Flow
  • Halloween Tickets Sales Flow

Remember, you can start with the template and edit as you need to make it fit your Halloween business needs!

We hope these templates brighten your Halloween celebration and help you get the most out of your marketing strategy. If you’re looking for even more free, pre-built options, head over to the ManyChat Template store

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