Product Updates: Keywords Improvement & the Date/Time Picker for Instagram

Keywords + User Input update

Creating and using Keywords within ManyChat has gotten a new look and feel. With the most recent update, you can now create new variations/options of a Keyword by easily pressing “Enter” on your keyboard or selecting “+ Keyword” after each one.

The new Keywords update also supports keywords and phrases that include commas in them. 

Some examples of how this can improve your automation include: 

  • If you want to include a frequently asked question such as “Hey, what are your business hours?”  
  • Setting up an auto response to collecting a monetary amount like ”$1,000” or “€1,00”. This is useful if you are qualifying leads or trying to respond to a customer pricing discrepancy.

Keywords work for Messenger, Instagram, SMS, and Email and can easily be located on the left-hand bar menu after selecting “Automation” or within Flow Builder as a trigger as a starting step.

Date/Time Picker for Instagram Automation

The Date/Time Picker is now available for Instagram Automation. This means, like with Messenger, when utilizing the User Input function, you can now have your contacts select the date and time directly within the conversation. 

Some ways you can utilize the Date/Time Picker include:

  • Booking appointments or calls directly within Instagram DM. With the new Date/Time picker, you can have the option open up immediately within Instagram DM and can save the contact’s selection directly to ManyChat.
  • Collecting birthdays and other important dates from your contact. If you want to send a contact a special offer, via Email or SMS on their birthday, you can collect that information directly within ManyChat and send them a coupon or discount on their special day.

To start using the Date/Time Picker, go to Flow Builder, edit a message block, add a User Input, and under “Reply Type” choose “Date or Date and time”

Grow your Instagram following and make sales with Instagram Automation by ManyChat. 

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