Written by Holly Phillips

September 8, 2021

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The news is out: Instagram retired the Swipe Up link on August 30 and replaced it with the Link Sticker. The Swipe Up feature allowed creators to add a link to an Instagram Story; and prior to this tool, creators had to point Instagram followers to their “link in bio,” adding an extra step if viewers watched Stories. (Viewers would have to tap on the profile to get to the link in bio.) 

In 2020, 42% of Instagram users said they spend time watching other users’ Instagram Stories, with 23% using the Swipe Up feature on an Instagram Story. And since there are more than 1 billion Instagram users worldwide, that’s a lot of Swipe Ups. What’s next for linking in Instagram Stories? Let’s dive in. 

Why is Instagram retiring the Swipe Up? 

Although there’s no clear-cut reason why Instagram decided to retire the Swipe Up feature, Instagram confirmed the new Link Sticker would offer more creative control and make more sense with how users work within the app. 

Like other stickers available in Stories, users will be able to edit the color, size, and placement of the Link Sticker. Story viewers can also respond to Stories that feature the Link Sticker, whereas the Swipe Up feature took away the ability to reply. 

Currently, the same Instagram users who have access to the Swipe Up feature will now be able to use the Link Sticker. While some users got early access to the Link Sticker for testing purposes, in general, if you have a business account with at least 10K followers or a verified account with the blue checkmark, you can use the Link Sticker. 

Though, Instagram said it’s considering expanding access to the Link Sticker in the future. 

The Link Sticker is on the Instagram sticker sheet, available once you tap on the smiley icon in the upper righthand corner of the screen while in Stories. Once there, you’ll see other tappable stickers, including the questions, poll, and donations stickers. This is also where you’ll see the mention, location, countdown stickers, and the emoji slider.

Just as with the Swipe Up feature, the Link Sticker will put users one tap away from visiting any website directly from the app.

And when you’re using the Link Sticker, don’t forget to say “Click the link” instead of, “Swipe up!”

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