Is Manychat officially approved by Instagram?

Dear Manychat users,

One of the most frequently asked questions that we get is: “Is Manychat officially approved by Instagram? Will my account get banned because I’m using automation and chatbots?”

We are happy to say that you are safe.

Manychat is the largest Instagram DM Automation platform in the world, powering meaningful conversations for more than 100,000 Instagram accounts sending millions of messages every month.

Manychat is an official Meta Business Partner [1] and is fully approved for use by Instagram. As an official Meta partner, we only support the use of the platform in ways that are in full compliance with the official Meta guidelines.

Part of our team ethos is to build products that you – our customers – love, and solve the problems that matter most to you. And since 2015, you’ve shared in our collective vision to transform how businesses communicate with their customers.

As a part of our partnership with Meta we have weekly meetings with Meta’s product team which focus on platform innovation and issue resolution. If you encounter any issues with your Instagram account, we invite you to send them to us for review. This way, we can present them to Meta and help facilitate resolution on behalf of our customers.

In order to report an issue with your account, please create a support ticket and describe your issue in detail. Once we have this information, we’ll raise this issue with Meta to ensure you get the most out of Instagram DM Automation.

Let’s continue building the future of customer communication together.

Thank you,
Manychat team

[1] Instagram is owned by Meta (formerly named Facebook).

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